Repair chips in toilets and basins

Here's an easy way to repair chips in a toilet or basin that lasts and will be almost invisible.



Chips can occur at any time; whether you chip a tile, or chip a porcelain toilet or hand basin. Rather than have to go to the expense of replacing a toilet or basin, we show you a quick and easy way to fix up a chip.


All you will need for this project is some Alcolin AquaMend epoxy and Rust-Oleum Appliance Touch Up. Both these products can be found at your nearest Builders Warehouse. 


Rust-Oleum Appliance Touch-Up can be used to cover up scratches and chips on a wide range of appliances, including washer and dryers and refrigerators. We used Rust-Oleum Appliance Touch-up to cover up a chip in our toilet. Follow the instructions for proper application.



Alcolin AquaMend is an fibreglass reinforced polymer that sets rock hard and is ideal for fixing up cracks and chips in porcelain, concrete, fibreglass, glass and metal, as well as other materials. 



1. Cut off a small slice of Alcolin AquaMend.

2. Have a wet sponge handy, as you need to keep your fingers wet as you knead the epoxy putty.



3. The epoxy putty is properly kneaded once it is a single, white colour.



4. Push the putty firmly into the chip, pressing down hard to make sure it completely fills the chipped area.



5. Using a wet finger, smooth and push the epoxy putting into and around the chip. You want the putty to be as flat and smooth as possible.



6. Continue to smooth with a wet finger, removing excess putty.



Once the putty plug is flat and smooth, allow to harden overnight before touching up with Rust-Oleum Appliance Touch-Up.