Facts and Myths About Using Drain Cleaners

It’s important to know the facts when using a drain cleaner, in order to avoid ruining the pipes.


Blocked drains are most people’s worst nightmare. Whether they are in the kitchen or in the bathroom, water drains are usually overused and having them blocked for a long period could just be horrific. But when it comes to maintaining your water appliances, it’s important to understand how your plumbing system works so you can deal with it accordingly. You cannot simply trust the common myths that people use and opt for what seems to be a quick and easy solution that might damage your plumbing in the long run.

It’s important to know the facts, so that when you decide to use a drain cleaner, it does not ruin the drains.

Using different chemical products to clean drains

Once a drain is blocked, many people immediately resort to buying just any chemical drain cleaner off the shelf at any supermarket. But the truth is, many of these can be quite harmful to your drains. Some chemical products, however, are made specifically to not cause any harm to your pipes. According to https://amarcoplumbing.com/best-drain-cleaner/main-line/, the main line at any home drainage is the most important part of the plumbing system, and cleaning the mainline with the right kind of drain cleaner is vital. Not all drain cleaners are made from harsh chemicals as some people believe. Some powerful drain cleaners that are made to be used on mainlines are made from powerful bacteria that eat away the clogging and are healthy on the pipes.

Regular use of drain cleaners

Maintaining healthy drains and healthy plumbing does not necessarily mean regular use of drain cleaners even if there is no clogging as some people might believe. The reality is that some drain cleaners are safe and healthy to use, but overusing them can cause more harm than good. One needs to keep regular tabs on the maintenance process of the drains in the house and the mainline, but this can be done by doing regular clog checks and getting plumbers to occasionally check out the drains. If you get the feeling that the water drainage is becoming slower, this should be a red flag that it is maintenance time, so do not ignore it and live to suffer the consequences.

Drain cleaners as a means of dissolving anything

We’ve all heard the saying “anything can go down the drain.” That is a very common myth that has led many people to simply flush anything down their toilets thinking that drain cleaners can dissolve just about anything in the case of clogging. Fact is, drain cleaners are usually pretty powerful and can dissolve most culprits of drain blockages. However, it’s still very important to be mindful of what you flush so that it doesn’t cause a massive problem for the mainline.

Drains are a vital part of any household and having clean, healthy drains is always a good thing. Drain cleaners can work miracles when it comes to clearing out clogging in drains and mainline pipes, if used correctly. But, always remember that these drain cleaners are all the same. Conduct proper research before using any cleaner and if unsure, never hesitate to call in a professional.



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