Convert a Toilet to Dual-Flush

By converting your toilet to dual-flush you can save a lot of water and it's an easy project to do.




While a toilet with a single flush mechanism uses a lot of water per single flush, a dual-flush mechanism lets you choose between a half-flush and a full-flush, saving you money on water and letting you do your bit for the environment.









If your toilet already has a single flush button, you can easily convert this to a dual-flush with a dual top flush kit that you can purchase at Builders Warehouse store countrywide.













1. Before you begin, turn off the water supply into the toilet. If you don't have a stopcock at the back of the toilet you will need to locate the main stopcock value to turn off water supply to the property. Flush the toilet to remove all the water in the cistern (water tank).

2. Unscrew the existing flush button at the top of the toilet.





3. Have a couple of small buckets on hand to collect any water remaining in the cistern and then disconnect the inlet valve and remove the cistern screws. Put any removed screws of fittings aside in a safe place.





4. After carefully removing the cistern, pour any remaining water in the tank into the toilet. Place the tank on a towel to prevent any scratching while you work.





5. To unscrew the flush mechanism in the base of the cistern, use water pump pliers. These pliers can be adjusted and held firmly in place to make loosening plumbing fittings a breeze.





6. Place the rubber seal on the end of the new flush mechanism and place inside the cistern. Secure in place to the underside of the cistern with your water pump pliers. Don't overtighten, just make sure it is firmly in place.












7. Insert the foam ring before placing the cistern back on top of the base of the toilet.





8. Before securing the cistern in place, check that everything is level. Once you know the cistern is perfectly level, secure the nuts to hold the cistern firmly to the base - see Step 3.





9. Now you can secure the dual-flush mechanism in the lid and place the lid on top of the cistern. Check the length of the plastic rods underneath the lid to ensure they align and touch the red and green plungers. You can snip or break off any excess. 





10. Turn on the water and test the dual-flush mechanism and your toilet is ready for use.








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