Essential Plumbing Tools You Must Have at Home

Here's an essential list of plumbing tools you need around your home for any plumbing emergency.


When it comes to jobs around the house, the plumbing may be one of the most important. Unfortunately for many of us these jobs or repairs can be tiresome. Not because they are overly difficult for minor fixes, but because you might not have the right tools. This is one of the most obvious problems that people face but they do not know. It might seem silly, but needing the right tool before you ever run into the problem is the best way to avoid issues.

With all of that in mind, you might be wondering what kind of tools you may need around your home and that is why this list can help you answer those concerns.


Most homes have one and it is likely the most used. Simply put, a clogged toilet can be a headache if not addressed quickly enough. For under $5 you can get one of the more handy tools that you are going to be using more often than not. Simply put - buy a plunger.


It could be easy to say a wrench, but because there are so many, and some designed for plumbing it is best to just say that you should invest in a handy set. More importantly, you should invest in a toolset but wrenches are some of the handiest tools you can use. Adjustable and pipe wrenches are going to be your best friend when a nut is loose or you need to get in under the sink and do some handy work.

Drain Snakes

Getting into more specialized equipment, the drain snake is a worthy addition to your home plumbing tools. The experts at PlumbingLove discuss the need for this tool, and its uses are definitely justified. For extensive clogging issues, a plunger might not cut it, and you might need something that can really clear the drain. There are a lot of highly trusted companies that have augers used by the professionals and they can be purchased for the home as well. They can be used for toilets, sink drains, and bathtubs so they really have their versatility.

Seals and Adhesives

When it comes to repairing broken seals or pipes you might want to think about the types of seals or adhesive products you have. Things like caulking are often found in many homes but plumbers tape is a great solution for a leaky section of your plumbing. There are also putty options to give you a firm seal for damaged sections like on porcelain and other metals.

High-Tech Tools

Endoscopes, drain cameras, and other more advanced tools are for those that are very comfortable in their plumbing repair abilities. While these might not be for everyone, if you know you can get the job done at home and want to spend the money, then these can be great ways to fix your plumbing issues.

Plumbing is an essential chore that is needed for any home. Knowing this, it is important to obtain the right tools for the job when you need to get your hands dirty and repair your pipes and water systems. This list of equipment is sure to help make any plumbing related fix move much smoother.



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