What's That Smell?

Your plumbing installation does not just focus on the supply of water to your home or office, it also deals with the discarding of waste.




The presence of a ‘funny smell’ could be an indication that there is a problem with waste water removal. Left untreated, such a problem could not just result in discomfort but also lead to health issues and major expenses.


Here are the most typical sources of unpleasant odours and what you can do about them:


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Washing machines and dishwashers do not come with built-in traps for odour control on the waste pipes. This can be fixed by using a plastic bag to cover the waste pipes and control the smells from wafting into the house. A long-term solution would be to get your plumber to install a proper trap for these machines.


Keep your outside drains clean to avoid future blockages!


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Outside gulleys are often neglected and not being cleaned. Kitchen sink waste, combined with dishwasher waste goes into the gulley and often starts rotting and causing build-up of fat inside the gulley. Installing fat gulley traps and cleaning these gulleys regularly will resolve this problem.


No matter how often you clean, the smell just won't go away!



One-way valves on toilets may not have been sealed off correctly or not working properly. Replacing these or putting a cap on them will prevent unpleasant sewer odours from re-entering the toilets.


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Article by Marc McRae - 076 505 9957 - www.plumbing4u.co.za





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