How to Remove a Toilet to Unclog? - Fix Your Clogged Toilet

Don’t panic if your toilet gets terribly clogged. You can fix it by yourself with some tools and effort.





Even with professional plumbing techniques, clogs may happen for many reasons. But fortunately, most of the clogs can get easily fixed with some hacks. If you know the methods to unclog a toilet with poop in it, try them first.

If none of the methods works, that means your toilet has got something hard particles stuck in the drain. The only thing you can do here is, remove the entire toilet and get that stuck particle out.

Here I’ll mention how to remove a toilet to unclog easily. The article is going to save a lot of money from plumbing.


When Should you Remove a Toilet to Unclog it?

Removing a clogged toilet is the last thing you should think about. However, sometimes there is no way left to fix them without removing them.

Clogs can happen because of many issues. Sometimes the clogs get resolved by themselves. These types of clogs generally happen for stocking some soft particles as; toilet papers and feces. If you use some homely hacks or give it some time, the toilet might unclog easily.

But this is definitely not a weekly thing you should experience. The frequent clogs indicate that you’ve got a severe issue with your toilet. To avoid any further messier situation, give a check and replace the toilet if it’s needed.

When you’re experiencing these types of frequent clogs, it’s better to remove the toilet. In most cases, there is a huge possibility that your toilet has got some heavy debris stuck inside it. These can be some unique shaped toys, your shampoo bottle or any other bathroom item. This type of debris won't be removed/ flushed without removing the toilet entirely.

There is another reason that might be behind your clogged toilet. Give a check on the down pipeline of the toilet. If the pipeline has got any issue, it might create frequent clogging. This is the time you should remove the toilet to unclog it.

Besides, the old, junky and crack toilets can cause clogs every week. These types of toilets are way beyond getting fixed with home hacks. Even plunging won’t help you to get it unclogged. You can cut off all these issues by replacing the toilet with a new one. For that, you need to remove your old toilet first.

These are the situations when you should realize that it’s time to remove your clogged toilet.


How to Remove a Toilet to Unclog?

Here you’ve already come to know about some handy unclogging methods. However, if none of the processes work, you must go for removing the toilets. Here you’ll require some tools and a lot of energy.


Tools and Materials you’ll Need:


  • • Utility knife

  • • Flathead screwdriver

  • • Tongue-and-groove pliers

  • • Gloves

  • • Masks

  • • Bucket and sponge


Follow this method:


Step 1

As you’re removing a clogged toilet, you should prepare yourself and the surface first. Remove everything around the toilet that can get ruined by drain water. Then, wear the mask and gloves properly to protect you.

Step 2

Next, you need to remove the excess drained water from the clogged toilet. Firstly, try to flash it to get rid of the water inside your clogged toilet. It’s a certain thing that flashings won’t get all the water out. Now, use a sponge to get the existing water removed. You need to soak the water with the sponge and drain it in a bucket. It’s really simple, but you should be prepared for some unpleasant work here.

Step 3

Now turn off the water supply of the toiletry.

Step 4

Here you should also disconnect the water supply pipe from the tank. This will help more if you use the tongue-and-groove pliers. Start with removing the plastic bolt properly. Then, pry them up with your flathead screwdriver. Now, you’re prepared to pull your toilet.

Step 5

Now, you should take the utility knife to detach the toilet from the floor. In this step, you can take anyone’s hands to avoid any damages.

Step 6 

This is how you’ve entirely detached the toilet from the floor. Pull that off and get the clogging particles out. Once the particle is out, get it to attach back again. If you want to replace the toilet, that is also possible.



A clogged toilet will not only destroy the ambiance of your bathroom but also of your entire house. But in this lockdown situation, it might not stand that easy to find a plumber. Besides, plumbing might affect your budget too. If you’ve got some patience and time, try to fix the toilet by yourself. This article has explained how to remove the toilet to unclog it. Follow the tips and suggestions and get your toilet repaired in no time.





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