Basic bookcase design and assembly

Today one of our DIY Divas, Praveshree, tackled the Basic Bookcase Workshop. Although simple in design, you can easily modify the sizes to create a higher or wider bookcase and follow the step-by-step instructions for assembly and finishing your bookcase.


Lazy susan turntable for outdoor dining table

A lazy susan turntable is perfect for an outdoor garden table. All your condiments, sauces and jams can be placed on the turntable for easy access to everyone sitting at the table. And making a lazy susan is easy if you use a lazy susan bearing.


Make a set of nesting tables

Nesting tables are practical for small spaces. You can pull them out when entertaining or push them away when not needed. These nesting tables are painted in an off-white colour and lightly distressed, but you can paint them in any colour you like.


Home office desk with glass-topped storage space

We recently showed you how to make a craft or hobby centre on storage cubbies or shelves. In this project you can take the design one step further by adding a storage shelf and glass top to the storage shelves.


How to make an upholstered sofa or couch

Anyone with a few basic DIY skills could make this sofa and it's simply a matter of working out the dimensions for your frame, having the board and foam cut, buying your fabric and fitting, and assembling.


DIY craft or hobby work station

Make your own craft or hobby work station with 16mm plywood or SupaWood that you will find at your local Builders Warehouse. SupaWood is the preferred choice if you plan the paint the craft or hobby station, as our local plywood is not very attractive.


Make a rustic console table or shelf unit

Grab some PAR pine at your local Builders Warehouse to make this easy rustic console table or shelf unit for your home. The unit retails at around R4500, but you can easily make your own for about R500.


DIY window or lattice headboard design

These window headboards are fabulous, but at a cost of over R4600 for a queen-size headboard (excl shipping costs), that's more than what you pay for a bed these days. The solution... make your own window or lattice headboard of course!


Panel screens with venetian blinds

If you need to section or close off an area for privacy, a panel screen is an affordable option. Designing a panel screen that incorporates recycled plastic venetian blinds not only gives you the privacy you need, you can adjust the blinds if you need to let in natural light or airflow.


Build a modern TV unit or cabinet

I have wanted to replace my TV unit for quite some time and finally got round to doing it this week. The new TV unit is a modular shape that is fairly simple to assemble, and I added some steel mesh to the doors.


Make a modern chunky floating shelf

Here’s an affordable and simple way to make an attractive floating shelf.  We finished our floating shelf in a self-adhesive vinyl, and there are several styles to choose from, or you can paint your floating shelf to match your décor.


New rustic top for farmhouse dining table

Here's a weekend workout for all you hubbies - when the rugby isn't on of course! This feature shows how a hum-drum pine farmhouse dining table was transformed into a beautiful showpiece.


Classic slat garden bench

A place to sit and relax in the garden is a must have, and this classic garden bench combines contemporary good looks with comfort. You can make the bench out of PAR pine, meranti or any hardwood of your choice.


Build a privacy screen for garden, patio or balcony

A privacy screen is a great idea for adding privacy to a townhouse garden, screening off a patio area, blocking off the view from close neighbours, or a way to offer shade to a sunny spot.


Wall bar for deck, patio or balcony

This nifty wall bar is just the thing for outdoor next to the braai, on a patio, or even on a balcony. You can make it out of pine, or marine plywood if you want to leave it outdoors.



Make a set of nesting tables

These nesting tables are perfect for small living spaces. The table fit neatly inside each other when not in use, or can be unpacked and used for essential storage when needed. They're also great for a children's bedroom.


Make a surfboard table or base for any tabletop

Although we show you how to make a surfboard table, you can use this base for almost any table design you want. Replace the surfboard with a glass top for an indoor or outdoor table. Make the base out of pine plywood for an inexpensive coffee table that looks good.


Industrial style shoe rack

Need a place to store your shoe collection? This industrial style shoe rack is made from galvanised pipe and fittings and can be mounted almost anywhere you have the space.



DIY nail polish organizer

I love collecting nail polish in gorgeous colours and metallic sheens and, although I hardly ever wear nail polish unless it's a special occasion, the colours attract my girly nature.



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