Make a bedside cabinet

Although this cabinet is perfect as a bedside table for a child's bedroom, it can also be used as a bathroom storage cabinet or even a side table for a lounge. You can finish it with various techniques to fit in with your own personal style and add as little or as much detail as you want.


Modern Shaker-style cabinet

With its clean lines and large storage capacity this modern Shaker-style cabinet would be perfect in any room in a home. I made this single cabinet and a double cabinet for my dining room.


Easy DIY arts & craft table and chair

Today we had our DIY Divas workshop and made this child's art and craft table and chair. We cut out all the curved pieces and sanded where necessary and the entire project (excluding painting) took 2 hours from start to finish.


Build a small corner closet

This might be a small closet, but once you have tackled this project you will realise how simple it is to take this design and make it bigger, perhaps extend the length for a longer, more spacious closet.


DIY dressing table or study desk

I have just finished making a desk for a little girl that can also be purposed into a study desk for a child or adult, or a dressing table.



DIY platform bed in three-quarter, double or queen

Finding a bed that you like these days is not an easy task. Design, finish and price all determine your final selection and you may end up with a bed that you don't really like. With only a little DIY savvy you can quite easily make your own bed.


Professional picture frames

At many DIY Divas workshops I have discussed ways of joining sections of timber or board together and based on the cost of the Bosch Biscuit Joiner, have looked at alternative ways that are more affordable - but not necessarily as easy.


Make a DIY wingback headboard

This DIY project shows that making a DIY wingback headboard is not as difficult as you might think. This DIY wingback headboard is upholstered in a dark grey fabric and complemented by shades of yellow and grey accessories.


Mirror framed with cut branches

 By far the best framed mirror project that I have seen using cut branches of different sizes - and so affordable and easy to make your own.



How to make an upholstered headboard

I love making upholstered headboard. Having made quite a few upholstered headboards in different shapes and styles, and upholstered in different fabrics, I have realised that this is a good business opportunity for anyone wanting to change careers.


Make a circular ottoman

Quite a few readers have asked me to feature this project on the website. Making this circular ottoman wasn't difficult once I figured out the best way to make it and I will definitely be making more of the same.


Mobile kitchen countertop or server

When you need extra counter space or a mobile server or bar cart, this kitchen cart is the perfect solution. It can be as sleek or as casual as you like, depending on your colour choices and finishes.


How to make a basic upholstered ottoman

I show you how to make an ottoman in different styles: A basic square upholstered ottoman and a circular ottoman. The ottoman design featured below is the easiest ottoman to make and you can easily assemble and upholster in a day.


Make an ottoman table

Sarah at sarah m dorsey designs has been wanting to make an ottoman table. There are varied designs for this table on the Internet, but I do love the design that she has made.



Make a console table with lacquer finish

I have had a lot of compliments on the console table since making the project earlier this year for Easy DIY magazine. The Rust-Oleum Ultra Cover 2X spray finish is gloss apple red, but the high-gloss shine looks like a lacquer finish and it what makes all the difference to this project.


DIY cottage bed

Over at bower power, Katie and hubby Jeremy found that sleeping with their new born was not exactly a restful night. To solve the problem they decided to move their existing bed into the guest bedroom and make themselves a new bigger bed.


DIY sliding door

My dressing room and bathroom do not have a bathroom door, and while that's all fine and well if your hubby is always on his best behaviour, mine has the manners of a donkey! It's definitely time to fit a sliding door to hide his bathroom manners.


DIY mini bar cabinet

This drop-down drinks cabinet is ideal for on the patio, in a sun room, or even mounted on a balcony. It allows you to keep glasses and accessories handy, and the drop-down shelf provides a serving space without taking up any valuable floor space.


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