Rustic, modern or contemporary furniture using copper pipe

You don't need to spend a fortune to make these reclaimed timber tables for a home, just some reclaimed timber and copper pipes.



Reclaimed wood bed and bedside table

West Elm has some amazing furniture - at similarly amazing prices. Take this reclaimed pine bed for example. The bed retails for just under R18,000 and that's without the shipping cost.



Decorative pine table and stools

Perfect for a sunny spot in a courtyard, on a balcony, or even on a small deck, this decorative pine table and matching seats won't cost you an arm and a leg.



Fit a shelf unit into a door

Here's a great way to add much-needed storage without taking up any extra space. This solid core door has been fitted with a shelf unit. This is a great idea for a children's bedroom, study, or kitchen, where there's no room for extra furniture.


Build (or buy) a large outdoor farmhouse table

his large, rectangular garden table can be made to seat as many people as you like, and you can make it with supplies readily available at your local Builders Warehouse, or with salvaged wood.


Make a contemporary plywood chair

Here's a chair you can make using 12mm plywood and cable ties for a contemporary chair that is strong and unique. You won't find chairs like these in the stores but they are definitely a conversation piece.


Easy DIY tables with trestle legs

These legs are perfect for a DIY dining table, office desk, dressing table, and similar projects - like the ones shown below. If you have some welding savvy, making these square bar steel trestles isn't a difficult project and perhaps you might want to give it a go.


How to make a farmhouse table

In this article I want to show you some awesome ideas for making a farmhouse table. Once you have seen these ideas I'm sure you'll want to rush out and stock up on supplies.



DIY kiddies storage table and chairs

This kiddies desk or storage table and chairs is actually quite simple to make and looks stunning once painted with Rust-Oleum in shades of blue. The desk lid lifts up and offers a nice storage space for toys or craft and painting supplies.


Garage storage makes use of available space

Most garages are built to fit one or two cars and leave little space for storage. One space that is under utilised and perfect for adding storage is above a garage door.



Shoe storage carousel on casters with padded top

This carousel is a bit too large to fit into the wardrobe, but you can easily cut the circles to fit in your closet. But if you want to leave off the padded top - you can. You can also make this a larger tower if you have shoes galore!


Mobile trolley for storing timber & board offcuts

Buying most timber and board in small sections is not an option. Suppliers and stores normally sell board products by the sheet - a sheet being 1,8 x 2,7 metres in size.



How to make your own wine crates

I have featured projects on upcycling wine crates and there are so many other projects on the internet. But what if you can't find wine crates, or if you do but they are overpriced or expensive.


Modular bathroom cabinet

This modular bathroom cabinet is made up of separate cubes that can be added to create the ultimate bathroom storage. Mounted on a sturdy base, you can add cubes with drawers, cubes for shelves, or cubes with doors for cupboard to hideaway bathroom clutter.


DIY box pelmet for window

Pelmets are not only ideal for finishing off at the top of curtained windows, they also look great as a finishing touch for windows fitted with blinds - hiding the hardware out of sight.



Make a storage coffee table

This coffee table is designed for more than one purpose. It's also sturdy enough to use as a TV stand and has plenty of storage space inside. To finish the project, use a whitewashing technique, distress, apply a liming wax, stain in your choice of finish, or paint your coffee table.


Make a storage headboard

In this do-it-yourself storage headboard, storage, style and lighting come together in a project you can build in a couple of hours. Grab all your supplies from Builders Warehouse, have all the 16mm SupaWood cut to size and you are ready to assemble.


Ping-pong coffee table

These days dual purpose furniture is great for kids as it takes up less space than two separate pieces of furniture. But this dual purpose ping-pong table is perfect for a games room or den where children play because it also converts into a coffee table or games table.


Mirror frame with cut branches

Being able to make use of branches from your own garden (or from a friend's garden) means that you can make these framed mirrors for next to nothing - and they look stunning in a bathroom.


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