Easy DIY picture frames

These photo frames are cheap and don't require mats. The pictures were printed off and glued onto chipboard. I don't have to worry about ruining a nice photo without any glass.



Chalkboard menu board

Build a custom-framed chalkboard to hang in your kitchen, creating a central location for everyone to leave messages, write up menus or keep up with each others' schedules.



Frame a mirror

Make a dramatic impact in a bathroom simply by framing the mirror. In this project skirting and dado rail has been used and then painted black to match the existing bathroom cabinets. What a difference!


Shelf desk

This simple but stunning desk only requires a few laminated pine shelves and some DIY savvy. Tool up for a quick and easy weekend project if you’re looking to create a custom desk area.



Display shelf

Here's a really attractive way to display small decor accessories, or even use as a storage shelf. This display shelf is really easy to make.



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Framed headboard

With some plywood, foam and batting I created a new and improved fabric covered headboard for my guests.  And this time, I trimmed in with some decorative moulding.



Closet organiser

Clean up a messy closet by hanging your ties, belts and scarves on our 3-in-1 closet organizer! All you need is a small piece of supawood or plywood and a hook. Customise your organiser to suit your accessories.


Box shelves

Custom-size and finish these super-simple box shelves for any room in the house.



Pallet day bed

A couple of recycled pallets, an old door, and some blankets and cushions make the perfect day bed.



Tall candle holders

Make your own stylish candle holders. Have all your timber cut to size at your local Builders Warehouse and make the candle holders in a day!



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Basic picture framing

Adding style to an empty space doesn't require a trip to an upscale art gallery or a visit to the bank. Head to your local fabric and art-supply stores instead.



Laptop shelf

You can easily knock up this laptop shelf in an hour, and that includes the painting as well!



Bathroom storage shelf

Installing a shelf above a door in a bathroom to hold towels and toiletries – or in the kitchen for cookbooks or collectibles – is smart and stylish. It's a simple project that can be completed in little time.


Build a workbench

A simple, sturdy workbench is easy to make and you can design it to fit into the amount of space available.



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Recycled candle holder

I love candelabras, love them that is until I see the price! A nice candelabra can cost as much as R2000 - but you can make your own for about R500. Here's how to make a candelabra from bits and pieces.


Easy wood shelf

If you're looking for a project to practice your DIY skills, this pretty shelf is the perfect place to start.



Stackable box shelves

If you need a place to stash books and media in the living room, towels in the bathroom or toys in the kids' room, this storage system is suited to the job.



Floating shelves

Everyone needs more shelf space in their home, and these easy-to-make hanging shelves add interest to any empty wall. Use them as a decorative display in the living or dining room or for storage space in a kitchen or bathroom.


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