Garden fence

Underneath this great-looking fence are the steel posts that once supported a drab-looking chain-link fence. The 'good-neighbour' design looks equally pleasing on both sides. We added colour with outdoor fabric.


Repurpose old furniture

Using an old piece of furniture as a starting point for a new project is a great way to transform something unusable into something functional and creative.



Makeover pine furniture

Transform ordinary raw, pine furniture into treasured pieces you would be proud to have in your home. In this project we transform a plain pine cupboard - or bedside table - into a antique-finish chess cabinet.


Revamp a boring chair

Furniture is so expensive these days, and we are all trying to do our bit for the environment, so here are some great, fun ways to revamp old furniture.



Trendy wall hangers

Need to hang something in a hurry? These wall hanging pegs are quick and easy to make and look stunning on the wall.



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