DIY kiddies craft table

Our kiddies craft table is perfect for a playroom, or make it smaller to fit into a bedroom. We based the design for this table on our garden table, but modified the top to allow for paint pots to hold crayons, pens, pencils, paintbrushes, and even water for painting.


Make a chalkboard menu or notice board

I find chalkboard menu boards very useful. You can hang them in the kitchen to remind you of groceries to buy, or what's for dinner, hang them in the laundry or home office, or make one for the kids to use.


How to make a DIY bedside cabinet

We recently had a jam-packed weekend at DIY Divas, where everyone made a bedside cabinet. The workshop was such a success that I wanted to share the project with you.



How to make a freestanding sandpit

Kids love sand and making a basic frame allows you to provide children with a clean, safe environment to play in. This sandpit frame is very light, making it easy to move around. Plus, the added shade cloth ensures your child stays out of the sun during play.


How to make your own beadboard

When looking to make your own cottage, country or shabby chic furniture and accessories, you are going to need some beadboard. But here in SA, finding beadboard is like hunting for lost treasure. If you own a Dremel Trio, making your own beadboard is quick and easy...


Make a garden table

I completed a garden table project for Easy DIY magazine. Having been inspired by the guys at Far Out Flora, who used reclaimed timber for their garden table, I wanted a more formal design for the garden.


DIY mobile storage unit

Making your own DIY storage unit is a quick and easy project that will only cost around R500 for materials and accessories. You can buy laminated pine board at your local Builders Warehouse and have this cut to size, and they also stock a range of castor wheels.


Make a vintage Asian style cabinet

Home-Dzine reader, Emily, has begged me to put my new SketchUp skills to use and show her how to make this vintage cabinet. Since I adore vintage style furniture, how could I resist.



How to make a storage bed

A storage bed that incorporates storage drawers, or a pullout bed, is one way to save on space in a small bedroom or guest bedroom.



Use a few basic steps to transform a table

Matsutake transformed a table that was used and abused by a family of 5 for 12 years, and finally relegated to the garage.



DIY this decorative mirror with onlays

I am sure that you have seen these decorative mirrors on the Internet. They look gorgeous with the circular onlays. Buying one of these decorative mirrors can easily set you back over R100, but here's how to make your own decorative mirror on the cheap...


Make a modular coffee table

Shop around for a modular coffee table like this one in a furniture store and you could easily end up paying over R1000 each. Make it yourself and you'll spend around R600... for the set!



Make a 4-poster bed

Making a 4-poster bed is not as difficult as it seems at first glance. If you consider that a 4-poster bed is simply a timber frame assembled with basic woodworking techniques and a few power tools. Here's how simple it is to make a 4-poster bed.


Toybox on wheels

You can use any box to make a portable toybox. All you need are four castor wheels and some Rust-Oleum 2X spray paint and you have a portable toybox that can go anywhere! Designed by Erin Loechner at Design for Minikind.


Make decorative wall sconces

This super easy project is one that anyone can do on the super cheap.  I wanted some nice wall sconces for my guest bath downstairs.  I couldn’t bring myself to spend on the overpriced ones that I did find. .


Make a storage caddy

In this project we show you how to use clean plastic bottles to make a storage caddy. This handy caddy can be used in a kitchen for storing mail, in a home office, in a craft or hobby room, or even in a child’s bedroom for corralling stationery supplies.


Easy picture frames

In Issue 6 of Easy DIY magazine I show you how easy it is to make your own picture frames using tongue and groove. These easy picture frames can be finished in a variety of ways to look stunning and professional, and you can hang them indoors or outdoors.


Make a wall-mounted bedside cabinet

I think the idea of having a wall-mounted bedside table is great. It takes up less room than a free-standing bedside table, it's easier to clean the bedroom, and you can even use the space underneath for a storage basket if you need to.


Build a basic dining table and benches

with all the required PAR pine you can build this dining room set or patio set with a few basic tools. We used a pockethole jig for invisible joins and easy assembly.



Build a basic deck

Not only gorgeous to look at, building your own freestanding deck allows you to set up an entertainment area wherever you like, without having to spend money on plans and waiting months for approval.


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