Easy pine shelf

Take just a few hours on the weekend or in the evening to put together this multi-purpose shelf that will help organise your hallway, bath or bedroom.



Storage coffee table

Home magazine shows you how to construct a simple coffee table with a concealed storage space.



Open shelving

A well-designed bookcase has lots of uses besides book storage. You can use it to display special three-dimensional pieces, collections and even framed artwork. With their open backs, two or three units together can also be used as a room divider.


Multi panel mirror

You don't need to be a do-it-yourself expert to tackle this project. All you need are a few mirror tiles, some timber and board, and a few basic tools and accessories to make this stunning framed mirror for your home.


Pooch palais

The Pooch Palais or Cat Hotel is perfect for smaller pets that need a quiet place to sleep. Pop in their favourite blanket and send them off to bed!



Fractal mirror

I keep coming across these unique mirrors in my searches throughout the Internet, longingly wondering if they would ever reach our shores. But then I realised, why wait?   So I decided to tackle this as a project for everyone to do... enjoy!


Repair an old bed

Twin headboards - off an old bed - are reinvented as a daybed-extra bed for the guest room. Some Woodoc Gel Stain and Sealer and some comfy bedding complete the look.



Make a platform bed

Make this platform bed in any size. Using standard bed measurements (measure your mattress) you can have all your timber and board cut to size and then it's simply a matter of assembling and fastening together.


Display shelf

This designer-style shelving features 12 interlocking fins which can be modified for larger ornaments by reducing the number of shelves.



Easy wine rack

Make a purpose-built wine storage and nibbles table to suit? This bar-style table houses a glass holder and wine rack for three bottles. We’ve made it a comfortable height for most standard bar stools.


Folding drying rack

This simple folding drying rack is mounted onto the wall and easily pops down for towels, delicates and undies! When open, it has four rungs for drying several layers of clothing and when not in use, it folds up flush with the wall, with the help of the sash lock on top.


Foldaway braai table

The legs of the table tuck under the top for easy storage, and a handle attached to the front makes it portable. The table is made from 90 x 19mm Meranti - you can also use Pine - sealed with a Woodoc exterior finish.


Entertainment unit

Don't pay a fortune for furniture when you can easily make this unit for as little as R800!



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