Quick Tip: Restore a stiff paintbrush

Paintbrushes aren't cheap anymore, and when you invest in a quality paintbrush you want to keep it in good condition for as long as possible.



Paint interior trim

When painting interiors, you want the finished job to look as professional as possible. We asked Prominent Paints to offer some tips on achieving a perfect finish when painting trim in a home.


Paint around built-ins

When repainting a room it isn't always possible to remove fittings from walls, especially built-in fixtures and fittings. We offer an easy way to paint around built-ins.



Food colouring = Wood stain

Any easy way to make your own colourful wood stain is to use food colouring. In this article you will find out how easy it is to stain wood in any colour you want - easy and affordably.



Can I paint the tiles in my shower?

I often get asked the question 'Can I paint the tiles in my shower?' and the answer is no, at least not at this stage. While Plascon Tile Primer and Plascon Velvaglo can be used to paint tiles on walls in a bathroom, it isn't recommended for painting tiles in a shower.


Tips on using spray paint

Spray paints have come a long way in the last few years, especially if you use the Rust-Oleum range of spray paints. But as with every type of painting product, there are pros and cons and hints and tips that can be useful to know.


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Tips for painted ceilings that look good

Ceilings tend to receive the least amount of attention when it comes to decorating, but here are a few tips to let your ceilings be a feature rather than an eyesore!



Painting tips for your home

Many homeowners use the holiday season to catch up on home improvement projects. In this article we look at painting projects on a variety of surfaces; from brick to tiles.



August painting tips

Grab your paintbrushes and pop into your local Prominent Paint store to get started on your next painting project.



Tips for painting projects

Painting can be a messy process, but with these tips from Prominent Paints painting is easier and simpler.



Prominent Paints Painting Tips

Use these Prominent Paints painting tips to make your next painting project a successful one!



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A Fresh Coat of Paint

Winter (in dry-rainfall areas) is the perfect time to apply a fresh coat of curb appeal to your home. Pop into your local Prominent Paint store and stock up on the products you need to refresh a home - inside and out.


April Painting Tips

Prominent Paints know about paint, and this month they have even more painting tips you'll find handy.



5 Brilliant painting tips

Prominent Paints have plenty of painting tips to share, and this month we have 5 painting tips you're sure to love.



Handy painting tips from Prominent Paints

Prominent Paints regularly compile a selection of handy painting tips, and here are a few tips to make your painting projects easier...



Paint storage cabinet

Every workshop needs to be organised for maximum efficiency. In this feature we show how to make your own paint storage cabinet.



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Time to paint your home exterior

If the weather is good and you haven't yet got round to painting your home exterior, do it now before the rainy season sets in. You will need to set aside a week to include prep and painting.



Finishing tips for MDF and wood projects

I know from personal experience how rewarding it can be to make your own furniture and decor accessories. What can be confusing are the various methods for finishing a project. Should you paint, stain, varnish or wax?


Paint RhinoLite

Here are some tips from Prominent Paints for painting over previously painted RhinoLite.



Handy painting tips for an easier project

Painting projects can be time consuming, but here are some handy painting tips that will help make any painting project easier.



Remove paint from hardware

Good painters remove or cover door hardware before they paint. The other kind of painter - sometimes I must admit to being guilty - just slops it over any exposed metal, ending up spending more time removing paint from hardware.


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Painting tips for a refreshed home

Painting a room - or a home - is still one of the simplest and most affordable home improvements you can do to change the look



How to paint handles and hardware

When you restore, upcycle, repurpose or make your own furniture, painting you want to be able to paint handles and hardware to match the finished project.



Paint tips that save your time and money

We could all use a few tips, tricks and techniques now and again, especially when it comes to painting. Homeowners spend more time painting a home than any other home improvement project, so being able to save time - and money - makes sense.


Tips and techniques for painting floors

Need to give your home a makeover? Paint is still one of the easiest and most affordable ways to instantly update a room - no matter what surface you paint.



How to paint wicker furniture

If you need to give wicker furniture a new lease on life, a quick makeover with Rust-Oleum 2X spray paint will do the job. Make sure to spend time on the preparation and your new painted wicker furniture will be good looking for longer.


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Maintain wooden window & door frames

Wooden window frames do more than hold glass in place, they also add aesthetic appeal to both the inside and outside of a home. Like any timber product, wooden window frames require regular maintenance to keep them looking good and extend their life.


How to spray paint pine furniture

Pine is probably the most affordable furniture out there, apart from making your own, but it always has that look about it. For this project I'm going to show you how easy it is to give pine furniture a makeover, and the fun part is that you can change it to any colour you want.


Tips for storing leftover paint

Like everything else, the price of paint has gone up. While it's always a good idea to keep some paint for touch-ups or small projects, storing your leftover paint allows you to keep it for a couple of years and use it when and where you can.


How to paint steel window frames

Are your window frames covered with layer upon layer of paint? Do they show rust spots? Are they spoiling the look of your home? Time to strip and paint your window frames!



How to make your own stencils

Stencilling requires no artistic talent, although the end result is most impressive. Stencils are readily available from art and paint shops but can be copied or drawn. Designs can easily be enlarged using a photocopier.


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How to paint pine tongue & groove panelling

While pine tongue and groove panelling was fashionable in the seventies, now it's an eyesore in many homes - a legacy of what not to put on walls.



What colour should I paint the ceiling?

The most obvious answer is white, but does every ceiling have to be white. Can you not paint the ceiling in other colours, or add a texture finish?



How to paint exterior wood

With the proper preparation there is no reason why you cannot paint exterior timber. Painted wood adds another element to a garden and home.



How to paint pine panelling or tongue & groove

I often receive enquiries on the correct procedure for painting over wall panelling and tongue-and-groove (T&G) ceilings and walls. Although the initial preparation may seem like a lot of work, the end result is that you will no longer have to stare at yellow walls and ceilings.


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How to paint designs on textured walls

Painting textured walls can be a challenge. Every time we paint, we think that we have the walls perfectly covered, until a few days later when we find tiny little dots that we missed due to the 'knock down' texture.


How to paint a face brick wall

There are some people who believe exposed brick should never be painted. People on the other side of the issue feel that brick is heavy and dark and the best path to happiness is a coat of paint.


Hot to remove paint with a hot air gun

Removing layers and layers of paint are not my favourite task. It takes a long time and can be extremely messy, especially if you use a sander or chemical paint stripper. I decided it was time to fork out and get myself a hot air gun ...


Tips for smooth doors

If you're still painting interior doors with a paintbrush, chances are you are left with a surface that isn't very smooth. No matter how hard you try you will always have brush strokes on the finish. There is a way to achieve a perfect finish:


Tips on removing wallpaper

I’m not going to sugarcoat it. Removing wallpaper is a messy, time-consuming and tedious job. I wish I could tell you there’s a nifty new product that will make the whole thing easy. But there isn’t.


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Stencilling tips

With high density foam rollers, you can complete stencil projects in one-tenth the time that traditional stencil brushing would take.



Stain or paint concrete floor

Many homeowners are choosing to have a concrete floor rather than tile or carpet their interiors. This versatile and low maintenance flooring option can be polished, stained or painted.


How to dispose of old paint

Puzzled about how to dispose of leftover paint? Paint can be hazardous waste and as such, it is not the easiest stuff to get rid off. In many countries, it's even illegal to throw paint in the trash because of the damage it does to the environment.


The art of using accent colours

Certain colours innately evoke different memories, thoughts or moods. If your home is laced with walls that are too white or overbearingly dark, details in your décor can change everything.


Using the 60 30 10 principle for decorating

If you constantly browse through glossy home magazines looking for ideas and inspiration, you will have often wondered how they always manage to get it right.



How To Spray Paint Interior Walls and Ceilings

Machines have made so many tasks easier, and nowadays, you can use a paint sprayer to transform interior walls and ceilings.



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