Organised workshop with paint storage cabinet

Every workshop needs to be organised for maximum efficiency. In this feature we show how to make your own paint storage cabinet.


An organised workshop allows you to find what you need without hassle. It also keeps you tools safe and handy for when you want to use them. April Wilkerson recently featured on the Triton blog and is one DIY woodworking enthusiasts who definitely organises her workshop. 

One easy project that caught my eye, among the host of workshop storage and organisation projects, was the paint storage cabinet.

If you use every drop of paint in a can, you will need a place to store your paint tins. This basic cabinet has sliding shelves that allow you to easily access paint cans at the back without having to shuffle everything around.

There are also handy hangers on the paint storage cabinet for hanging paintbrushes and paint rollers so that they don't get damaged and are easy to find.

The paint storage cabinet is easy enough to make, with a basic frame made from plywood, pine or SupaWood. Within the frame are battens mounted to allow a slider shelf to fit between and move in and out of the cabinet 

You can build the cabinet as large as you need for all your paints and adjust the height of the drawers to allow for small or large cans. Find everything you need for this project at your local Builders Warehouse. 

Add some hooks to the side of the cabinet for hanging paintbrushes and paint rollers.