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Adding New Hardware makes all the Difference

When giving furniture a makeover it makes sense to add new hardware to finish off the project.


When taking the time and effort to paint a piece of furniture, give your kitchen cabinets a makeover, or make a new piece of furniture for your home, you want the finished project to be as perfect as possible. Giving furniture any type of makeover is a great way to revive a piece or to make it more suitable to fit into your home decor and style.

Changing knobs and handles alone can have a major impact on how your finished project looks, so consider these options when planning your project and buying the supplies you need. 

It's so true when they say that it's the small details that count, and this is the case with handles, knobs and hardware. These items can be considered as jewellery for your furniture and add that extra bit of wow factor to your DIY projects, whether you are painting, restoring or transforming a dated piece.



What's nice about updating hardware is that it is so easy and affordable to do and the right hardware can turn a blah piece of furniture into furniture that takes pride of place in a home. Take a look at some of the examples on this page and you will see that even the plainest furniture can be transformed - with the right hardware.





Adding new hardware to existing furniture allows you to completely transform any piece. Changing handles and knobs is also an easy way to add a luxe finish to inexpensive DIY projects, or to bring the look of mismatched  furniture together.

Swapping out old hardware for new is perfect if you have pieces that you cannot bear to part with, and after years and years of use it is far easier to replace hardware than replace pieces of furniture.

If you are replacing handles with handles, more often than not you will be able to use the same holes. If you need to drill new holes. use an epoxy putty like Alcolin QuikWood to fill in old holes. If you are replacing handles with knobs, you will definitely have to fill in old holes.




A factor to keep in mind when shopping for new hardware is how often you will need to open doors or drawers. In a kitchen this is more of an issue, but it can also be something to consider if you use a piece of furniture a lot. Choose a handle or knob that allows a comfortable grip on drawers that are used regularly. You don't want to struggle to open and close drawers.

Also consider the mountiing height for handles or knobs. On wall cupboards, particularly in a kitchen, make sure it is mounted at the right height for easy access.

Buy enough handles to complete the project in one go. You don't want to be stuck in a situation where there is no more stock, or you buy a discontinued range.



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