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Quick Tip: Restore a stiff paintbrush

Paintbrushes aren't cheap anymore, and when you invest in a quality paintbrush you want to keep it in good condition for as long as possible.


If you've invested in quality paintbrushes you know how expensive these can be. Rather than throw away a paintbrush that has become stiff, here's how to restore a paintbrush to almost-new condition.

Your expensive paintbrushes don't have to be thrown away just because they're full of dried paint or varnish -  a good soaking in brush cleaner will restore them to almost new condition - even if they have been sitting in your workshop for ages! All you need to do is to pour brush cleaner into a glass jar and put in your paintbrush. Cover the top of the jar (and paintbrush) with a small plastic bag, as most cleaners give off strong vapours.





GOOD TO KNOW: Drill a small hole in your paintbrush so that you can insert a thin piece of wire to hold the brush in place. You only want the brush bristles to be immersed in the brush cleaner.

Leave the paintbrush to soak for a day or two and you will see that most of the caked on paint or varnish will be easy to remove. You can repeat the process to remove any remaining paint before rinsing the paintbrush in warm soapy water.

GOOD TO KNOW: Don't throw away the brush cleaner - decant the cleaner, leaving paint residue in the bottom of the glass jar, and reuse it time and again.



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