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As easy as 60-30-10

If you constantly browse through glossy home magazines looking for ideas and inspiration, you will have often wondered how they always manage to get it right - The paint colours used in room settings always seem so perfect. Interior designers and decorators make use of the 60-30-10 principle...


By using the colour wheel and the principle of 60-30-10 decorating any room is almost fool-proof.

The trick?

60% Select your main colour for the room. This is normally the walls, or other large area of dominant colour.

30% Secondary, or complimentary, colour. In most cases this will be upholstered furniture, or bedding.

10% Accent colour to be used in the setting. For example: an accent piece, floral arrangement, accessories, or even a feature wall. Planning and carrying out your own colour schemes is easy once you understand the principles of colour.

Using the Colour Wheel
Primary colours are three main colours on the wheel: Red, Blue and Yellow. By mixing equal amounts of the primary colours, you get the Secondary colours: Purple, Green and Orange. If you mix a primary with a secondary colour, in a ratio of 2:1, you get a Tertiary colour: Red-Orange, Blue- Green etc.

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