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April Painting Tips

Prominent Paints know about paint, and this month they have even more painting tips you'll find handy.


Save your Brush

Before you begin painting, wet your brush in clean water and then blot away excess water. This will help to keep paint wet when creeping up into the ferrule (the metal the bristles are attached to) and save your brush. It will also make it easier to clean out all the paint once finished.

Don’t Be Cheap

Don’t wipe your brush after dipping - you’ll remove too much paint. Rather dip bristles about 5cm into the paint and slap the brush inside the paint tin to remove excess paint. In this way the brush will be loaded with the optimal amount of paint.

Invest in an Angled Sash Brush

A narrow sash brush is best for painting windows and easier to control than a wider flat brush. And the angled bristles are designed to neatly apply paint in tight corners and small spaces on a window.

Winter Paint Woes

In cold weather, paint can become thick - especially enamels. Simply put the paint tin in the sun to warm up or place it in a bucket of hot water to help with the flow properties. If there are lumpy and dry pieces inside - get some fresh paint at your nearest Prominent Paints store.


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