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Painting Tips from Prominent Paints

Painting can be a messy process, but with these tips from Prominent Paints painting is easier and simpler.


Wipe away excess paint

We all get paint where they don't want it. To make cleaning up excess paint easier. wrap a damp rag - one layer thick - around a putty knife and then carefully slide the putty knife along the excess paint to wipe it off. Do it immediately before the paint starts to dry. Once it's dry  you'll have to use more aggressive measures.

Soften stiff paintbrushes

You can soften paintbrushes that are rigid with dry paint by placing them in a saucepan with hot water and vinegar. The vinegar helps to disperse paint and will revitalise the bristles. Fill an old, deep saucepan with hot water and a tablespoon of vinegar - just enough to cover the bristles. Rest the brushes bristles down and boil for a few minutes. Once the vinegar cools and you rinse the paintbrush, the chips will just fall right off. Repeat as necessary.

Painting galvanised steel

Galvanised steel is treated to prevent rusting when exposed to the elements. To properly paint galvanised steel it must be cleaned with methylated spirits and a clean cloth before painting. It is also recommended that you use a gloss roller (low nap) for painting metal, as this gives a really smooth finish.

Clean edges

Apply painter's tape over the edge of skirting boards before painting. Run a putty knife over the top to press down the tape for a good seal and to stop any paint bleeds. Use painter's tape instead of masking tape, as the latter tends to leave a sticky residue that's hard to clean and can lift - letting paint run underneath it.

Spray wood before staining

Dry wood can aggressively suck up a water-based wood stain, making it hard to control the colour penetration. The result can be a dark, blotchy mess. For added control, try wetting the wood with distilled water before applying your stain. The increased open time makes the colour easier to control. To spray, use a household pump sprayer or sponge.


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