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Prominent Paints Painting Tips

Use these Prominent Paints painting tips to make your next painting project a successful one!


Apply even coats

Don't apply one thick layer of paint in an attempt to save time. A thick coat of paint will run and take forever to dry. By applying two thin, even coats you will achieve much better results.

Let paint dry

Don't paint over paint that's still wet. You could loosen the partially dried paint and this will stick to your brush. It can also cause adhesion problems and slow drying time. Follow instructions on the paint can to achieve optimum results.

Try your hand at Frottage

For a vintage look on walls or trim - try frottage. Apply coloured gloss paint to a piece of scrunched up paper and press on a wall that's been prepared with a base coat. When you peel the paper off, the surface will be beautifully mottled.

Avoid newspaper / magazine pages which may transfer ink. Great for an accent wall that’s strikingly textured.

Professional finish on dry wall

Professional drywall tapers always fill a row of screw holes with one long stripe of joint compound, rather than filling every screw hole separately. In addition to being faster, it disguises holes better and makes it easier to sand the patch. Instead of sanding around each hole, just sand the stripe. Prime and paint as usual.

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