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Winter is the Best Time to Paint a House

Interior or exterior, painting a house is best done in winter when the temperature is cool, and the weather is dry (on the Highveld).






It might seem a little strange to be talking about painting a house at this time of the year, but now is when you can get your hands on plenty of paint special offers at your nearest Builders stores. Paint isn't as inexpensive as it used to be, but I suppose that applies to everything in life these days. However, if you are given the opportunity to save money and buy paint on special offer, there's no better time to buy what you need now in advance of a painting project during the winter months.









Winter is the Best Time to Paint

Why is it better to paint in winter? Paint experts around the globe agree that it is better to paint a property during the cooler months of the year and below are a few reasons why painting in winter is the better option:


1. Waiting for paint to dry

We all know that paint dries quickly in warmer weather, but this isn't necessarily a good thing, especially if you are painting large expanses of walls, ceilings or even a roof. When the paint dries too quickly it is hard to blend in the lines as you work, and you could end up with a splodgy finish that is uneven and not very professional. This is especially so when painting a tiled roof or IBR roof as these materials get extremely hot during the spring and summer months of the year.


Any painting projects are best left for when the weather is cooler, and paint will not dry too fast. You don't necessarily need to wait until the middle of winter when it is freezing cold, but you can look at starting a painting project either at the beginning or end of winter when it is warm but not hot and still reasonably cool.





2. Effort is Perspiration

Painting is a reasonably simple project but if you tackle painting projects during the warmer months of the year, chances are you are going to get hot and sweaty. Leaving these types of projects until the weather is cooler means less effort for better results. No one wants to be uncomfortable while undertaking home projects, so it just makes a lot of sense to do it during the winter months.







3. Pay Less with Paint Promotions

Anyone who is painting their house would like it to be as inexpensive as possible and buying all the paint products you are going to need at a promotional price is the best way to go. Many larger hardware stores such as Builders offer seasonal promotions based on what products are going to be used at a particular time of year. Now is the time to pop into your nearest Builders store to check out their paint promotion.



4. Your House is Ready for Spring

With the arrival of spring after a dreary winter the last thing you want to have on your mind is house painting. If you tackle this project during the winter months you will have more time to devote yourself to other projects such as beautifying the garden, spring cleaning the home and any other tasks you need to do before the arrival of spring.







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