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Painting tips that save you time and money

We could all use a few tips, tricks and techniques now and again, especially when it comes to painting. Homeowners spend more time painting a home than any other home improvement project, so being able to save time - and money - makes sense.


This neat little trick makes cleaning a paintbrush easier to clean and will extend the life of your brushes.

Use the Plascon Paint Calculator to determine how much paint you need for a project. That way, you can buy your paint in one go and ensure a perfect colour match.






Polycell offer a wide range of products for filling and finishing your walls. Use interior crack filler for minor cracks in walls and remember to clean walls with Sugar Soap before painting to ensure a job well done.


Use an angled paintbrush when cutting into walls around ceiling and trim to reduce time spent wrapping everything with masking tape. To do this, apply paint to the tip of the brush and gently work from the centre out to the area you are cutting around. This is definitely one of those instances where practice makes perfect and saves you time.


When you need to cut in around fittings and fixtures that can't be removed or covered up, pour paint into a handled container, so that it's easier to climb up and paint in one go. Saves you time climbing up and down to refill your brush with paint.

While still on the subject of up and down, make more use of your 'up' time by using an adjustable stepladder. A single adjustable ladder will allow you to reach middle and top of walls with ease.

If you do need to reach higher, add an extension pole to your roller. I also extend my paintbrush by using duct tape to fasten the brush onto the end of an extension pole - great for painting ceilings.

And for clean up... Polycell Brush Cleaner will help keep your paintbrushes in tip-top condition for the next project. Remember to hang brushes upside down while they dry - and when stored - to ensure the bristles and the ferrules (the part that hold the bristles in place) aren't damaged.