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How To Install An Extractor Fan

If you have a problem with condensation in a bathroom or kitchen or not enough air circulation in a bathroom, you will want to look at installing an extractor fan.



How To Remove That Damp Musty Smell In Your Laundry

In this article, we look at some easy ways to remove that damp, must smell in your clothes, linens and laundry.



Laundry Tips for Beginners

Doing the laundry is simple... if you have done it before, but for those who haven't really gotten the hang of doing the laundry, here are a few tips to you get started.



Is it Safe to Install a Tumble Dryer in a Garage or Shed?

I have quite a few friends who don't have space in the kitchen to install their tumble dryer and it ends up in the garage - or outdoors, but is this good?



Where Do Missing Socks Go?

I'm sure everyone has lost at least one sock in the laundry, but where do all the missing socks go?



Quick Tip: Save Time when Ironing!

This clever little trick will save you time when working through piles of laundry.





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How to keep your Towels Feeling Soft and Fluffy

When you spend a fortune on expensive towels and bath sheets you want them to at least last for a couple of years, so here's how...



A Tumble Dryer does more than you think!

When confined to the garage, laundry or under the counter in your kitchen, you might not realise that your tumble dryer does more than you think!



Tips and Tricks on Your Laundry Day

After interviewing housekeeping experts, we have some quick tips to speeding up and making things easier on your laundry day.



4 Steps to a fresh washing machine

It might clean your dirty laundry, but a washing machine can be quite smelly. Here's how to keep your washing machine fresh and remove smelly odours.



When to replace your Bed Pillows

Thinking about what might be hiding in your bed pillows will make you want to buy new ones more often!




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Quick Tip: Put Tennis Balls in your Tumble Dryer

For freshly fluffed-up laundry, add a tennis ball or two to your tumble dryer.



Ironing 101

Ironing is crucial for your nicer clothes and the following guide will tell you everything you need to know about ironing 101.



Quick Tip: Dry Laundry Faster

With rainy days ahead and cold days just around the corner, we have some quick tips for drying laundry.



Laundry: The basics

When moving into your own home, one of the tasks you will do on a regular basis is laundry. We gathered some helpful tips to make laundry day easier.



Quick Tip: Washing Powder

Most washing powders include a free scoop for dosing the washing powder into the machine, but how many of you simply fill it up for every load?



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Laundry mistakes to avoid

It's so easy to make simple mistakes when doing laundry. Here are a few mistakes to avoid to ensure your laundry days are hassle free.



It's time to upgrade to energy efficient appliances

Upgrade to energy efficient appliances and save on your monthly bill and reap the benefits of advanced features.



What is baking soda?

I often receive enquiries  asking where to buy, or what is, baking soda. For those that don't know, baking soda is also known as Bicarbonate of Soda, or Bicarb.



DIY t-shirt folder

If you're a fan of Big Bang Theory you may have seen Sheldon use this t-shirt folder during the show. It looked simple enough to make, and with a bit of prodding from an avid reader I decided to make one!


Laundry tips for the modern home executive

Here are some tips for time- and energy-savings tips for the cleanest laundry and that might even save you money.



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Get rid of mould or mildew

Mould around bathtubs and in showers is a problem area and the appearance of mould should be taken as an indication of poor air circulation through these areas. If you make it a habit to open windows and doors regularly, this will greatly reduce the possibility of mould growth.


How to care for vintage linen

Vintage linens are an essential accessories when decorating a home in vintage style. These fabrics were considered durable and of high quality for items such as table linens, bed linens and decorative items. You will also come across vintage pieces made of woven cotton.


Change to cloth nappies

Disposable nappies can drain a family's monthly budget, forcing them to spend a fortune each week on disposable nappies. With cloth nappies, a family only spends a few hundred Rands upfront and is set for their baby's entire diapering years.


Keeps towels fluffy

Buying towels is not something you want to have to do every few months. Quality towels should last years, standing up to the rigors of regular use. But how do you keep them fluffy and fresh?


Fresh smelling laundry

Smelly laundry -- usually caused by a build-up of bacteria and mould -- may leave you wanting to throw away your towels and clothes. But there are solutions! Here's how to make your laundry smell good again.


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Keep whites white

White is the perfect summer colour, but keeping whites white is another story. If you're like me and have a tendency to attract dirt, you need to know some insider secrets.



Static-free laundry

With winter well on it's way more clothes will be going into the tumble dryer. Did you know you can get static-free clothes with a few household items you can easily find in your own home ... some tennis balls.


Time to update your appliances?

If your washing machine is over 10 years old, it's time to update your appliances to save energy, water and detergents.



Repair a washing machine

My washing machine recently started making a loud knocking noise. Having previously repaired a washing machine I decided to see what I could do before taking any drastic steps to call someone in.


Maintain a tumble dryer

Did you know that a tumble dryer should have a venting system fitted so that moist air is not circulated into the home?



Clean up a dirty hob

No matter how hard you try, you always end up with spills on a glass hob. Cleanup is easy if you follow a few simple steps.



Here's How You Should Really Be Doing Your Laundry

Laundry experts note that you might have been doing laundry wrong all along and we offer some tips on how you should really be doing your laundry.



4 Effective Tips On How To Remove An Ink Stain From The Fabric

It is possible to remove ink stains from clothes using common household products.



What is a Water Softener and Why You Need One

If you happen to have hard water, you will definitely need a water softener to help reduce the problems associated with it.



The Process of Cleaning Dryer Vent

Homeowners get many benefits by cleaning dryer vent in their homes. Here is what you need to know in case you need DIY project.