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Laundry mistakes to avoid

It's so easy to make simple mistakes when doing laundry. Here are a few mistakes to avoid to ensure your laundry days are hassle free.


Laundry seems such a simple task; put washing in the machine, add soap, and switch on. But there are a few laundry mistakes that can easily damage your clothing, or even worse, ruin your appliances. Here are our top tips to ensure your laundry days are hassle free:

Avoid the shake, rattle and roll

When buying a new washing machine, it's essential to make sure it is firmly footed and flat on the floor. A machine that shakes and rattles when it goes into a spin can be damaged and could result in high repair costs, or even replacement. Most machines have adjustable feet to make sure they are absolutely flat on the floor.

Zip it up

When putting clothes in the machine with zippers, ties or velcro closures, zip them up or close them. These fasteners can catch on other clothes and damage them, as well as scratching the viewing port in the door.





Don't overfill with product

If you want your washing to come out of the machine clean and fresh, dose the washing powder or detergent accordingly. Putting more than the recommended dosage in will actually dirty your clothes - leaving a powdery residue on them. Too much product will also clog up the workings. On a regular basis, clean out the dosing compartment when it starts to build up deposits.

Don't store washing

Storing dirty washing in an empty machine for more than a day or two can lead to funky smells - and that's not funky in a good way! Always leave the door open after a wash cycle to allow the drum to air dry. If your washer starts to smell, add half a cup of bicarbonate of soda and run an empty load to rinse out and disinfect.

Clean the filter

Did you know that, like a tumble dryer, most washing machines have a filter. Clean this out when needed to prevent future blockages. If you're not sure where to find the filter, refer to the instruction manual. While you're at it... wipe areas inside the machine that collect lint and water, such as around the door fittings to prevent unpleasant smells.

Some washing machines have a self-cleaning option. Run this cycle monthly to clean out the machine and remove detergent residues.

Always check clothing labels

Modern washing machines have a washing cycle for all types of clothes. If you're not sure - check the label on the item of clothing before you throw it in the machine.

Following these simple guidelines will extend the life of your washing machine and result in hassle-free laundry days.


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