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How to keep your Towels Feeling Soft and Fluffy

When you spend a fortune on expensive towels and bath sheets you want them to at least last for a couple of years, so here's how...


You have spent a lot of money remodelling the bathroom and turning it into a 'spa at home' where you can relax and take time out. You also spent a fortune buying expensive bath sheets to enhance the spa experiencer. The only problem is that it's only a couple of months later and your towels now feel like being rubbed down with sandpaper. So how do you keep your towels soft and fluffy?

First off, you don't need to wash your towels after every single use. In fact, washing your towels to much will wear our the fibres much faster. The best practice is to wash them twice a week - say mid-week and weekend and that should be good enough. Read on for more tips for soft towels that are clean and fresh.

Ditch the detergent!

Too often, washing machines are overdosed with washing powder on the belief that more is better and your washing will be cleaner... right? Wrong! Too much washing powder or detergent is bad for your laundry and your washing machine. Stick to the manufacturers recommended dosage instructions, as too much washing powder will eventually clog up your washing machine and make your laundry feel stiff.

When you put too much washing powder in the washing machine the rinse cycle won't be able to remove it all, and that means there will still be residue on your clean laundry. Over time, this will damage the fibres and your laundry will become stiff.

Forget the fabric softeners

Yes, they do smell so pretty, and that's exactly what the manufacturers want you to think. But fabric softeners aren't really good for your towels. In fact, experts around the globe are using more eco-friendly alternatives such as vinegar and bicarb to keep their laundry fresh and fluffy.

Fabric softeners actually prevent towels from soaking up moisture, so adding them to the rinse cycle is actually defeating the object entirely. All you need is half a cup of white spirit vinegar in the rinse cycle and your towels will thank you for it. Plus, by adding white vinegar to the rinse cycle your towels will be hygienically clean as well. If you're not quite sure you are ready to believe this, see what Queen of the Home, Martha Stewart, has to say about keeping your towels soft and fluffy.

Toss them in the tumble dryer

Before you attack me for not being energy efficient, remember my article about how you can use your tumble dryer and still be energy efficient? Dry your towels on the line but before they are completely dry, bring them inside, give them a good shake and then pop them in the tumble dryer to finish them off and fluff them up. While some experts don't recommend drying your towels on the line - let's be honest here, we're all about being more green in the home and a little sunlight never hurt anyone!

Fluff and fold before storing

Now that your towels are clean and dry, take them out of the tumble dryer while still warm and fold them up. Keeping them warm will reduce the amount of wrinkles and make it easier to give them a good shake before folding and putting them away.



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