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A Tumble Dryer does more than you think!

When confined to the garage, laundry or under the counter in your kitchen, you might not realise that your tumble dryer does more than you think!


If your tumble dryer is confined to the garage, hidden away in your laundry, or tucked under your countertop, you may not be aware that it does more than you think. We compiled a selection of ways that you can use a tumble dryer- for things other than just drying your wet washing on laundry days!





Fluff those towels!

Luxury hotels have a secret for achieving the fluffiest, softest, snuggest towels... They give them a thorough drying and fluffing in a tumble dryer. And while they might use a commercial dryer, you can still get your towels soft and fluffy with a regular tumble dryer. And before you go on and on about saving money and being economical - you can dry your towels on the washing line until almost to save on costs and then just finish them off in the tumble dryer.







Ditch the iron and ironing board!

Now here's a way to really economize. When shopping for clothing, try to buy made items in fabrics that are easy to care for. That way, you can wash your items as usual and then pop them into the dryer to give you crease-free laundry. The trick? Take your laundry out of the tumble dryer while it's still warm and quickly fold or hang. This way you will have almost no creases or wrinkles and don't need to drag out the ironing board.

Who needs Egyptian cotton!

Who need to count threads or splurge on expensive Egyptian cotton bed linen when you can just as easy pop your sheets and linen in the tumble dryer for a few minutes. Spray a light mist of your favourite bed linen refresh spray into the tumble dryer and your sheets will come out soft and fragrant.

And while you are refreshing your bed linen, don't forget about your down duvet inner. Give it some fluffing up by adding a tennis ball or two to the load and your duvet will be luxuriously soft and light.





Sanitize and refresh

Nowadays, most high-end tumble dryers have a sanitize cycle that you can select if you need to sanitize bedding, towels, clothes, pet blankets and more. Do check the manufacturers recommended instructions for running this cycle before putting to the test.

If your pets sleep with you at night, you're going to want to make sure they didn't leave anything behind! Or to make sure your bedding is free from lice, bedbugs or other creepy crawlies, a 30-mimute toss on high heat will definitely get rid of them.

And let's not forget about the toddlers and tots. Who wants a teddy that's not fluffy? A flat duvet or cot bumper? You can easily toss these into the tumble dryer to refresh and sanitize.


So now you know that there are even more ways to use your tumble dryer, so make sure you have the latest energy efficient model and you won't have to worry about your monthly electricity bill. Newer energy star models use up the 40% less electricity than older models.



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