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Quick Tip: Washing Powder

Most washing powders include a free scoop for dosing the washing powder into the machine, but how many of you simply fill it up for every load?


When doing laundry it becomes almost a routine to scoop washing powder into the tray - not giving much thought to how much powder you're actually using to do a load of washing.

Too many of us simply place the scoop in the washing powder and fill it up - usually to the top. Well, you're probably using far too much washing powder.

QUICK TIP: Draw a line along the scoop that marks the amount of washing powder you need for your particular model washing machine.





Manufacturers of washing powder are over the moon for you to continue to fill the scoop to the top, but here are a few reason why you should be more concerned about the quantity of washing powder you use:

• It's far more eco-friendly to use only the required amount of washing powder. Less detergent = less pollution

• Your clothes will still be clean and the machine will rinse your clothes even better. Less soap = less rinse

• When clothes are not thoroughly rinsed the residue can make your skin itch.

The next time you're doing laundry, read the instructions on your brand of washing powder and mark the scoop to indicate the exact amount of washing powder required.


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