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Tips and Tricks on Your Laundry Day

After interviewing housekeeping experts, we have some quick tips to speeding up and making things easier on your laundry day.


Laundry day is inevitable, but you can make it more bearable than it is currently. Small daily routine adjustments are a secret weapon when it comes to laundry. After interviewing home-keeping experts, here are quick tips to speeding and making things easier on your laundry day.

Do it way less often or more frequently

Is it better to do a big load of laundry once a week or a little laundry daily? If laundry tends to be a slog for you, you can sharply divide on one thing. If a ton of laundry is overwhelming, doing a load every day will make things much easier. If you like to put your mind on one thing, and not scatter tasks around, set a day aside for laundry. Ditch the script if laundry gets you down, change the strategy. It could make you happier!

Make it more Interesting

If you hardly find time to watch TV, listen to your favorite podcast, or read, you can get your fill on these activities on laundry day. This will make you look forward to your laundry day. You can stream podcasts, media, and audiobooks while ironing, putting away clothes and washing.

Use divided hampers to pre-sort laundry

Sorting laundry is time-consuming and can be extremely tedious. You won't have to spend brain power deciding on what you should wash with what. Invest in a tri-shorter for each room or family member. Clothes can be separated into whites, darks, and lights from the source. You can get a mesh for socks and lingerie for every member. This increases efficiency and allows you to clean one load after the hamper is full.

Invest in dryer sheets

Dryer sheets are surprisingly significant, but they are often underrated player in the laundry process. These little sheets add a touch of freshness and softness to the finished load. You have probably experienced clothes stubbornly clinging to each other or a weird texture of clothes for you rather than the expected warm softness. This is as a result of static electricity, which can be curbed by dry sheets. According to you should look into various factors to choose the right dryer sheets for you including ingredients, capabilities and scent. It further gives advice on how to smoothen out your laundry day using dry sheets without creating a potential hazard to your dryer.

Pre-treat stains

Stains can be stubborn while washing. Moreover, by rubbing the fabric together, you risk transferring the stain to an unstained area. Use a spray-on remover for fast and better results. Be sure to spray on both sides of the stained area. Rub the spray using your finger into the stained area. For grease stains, soaking fabrics in dish soap works magic. Soap is designed to break down oils and fats. For the protein-based stains including bodily fluids, soak the item in cold water until it’s washed.

Try the right away laundry basket

If you get caught up on laundry day, this will save you a lot of anxiety. The Please Wash me First bin helps you identify the most pressing laundry (think uniform or your kids' favorite leggings). Make it clear that this basket is only for true priority items.

These tips will help you stay on top of your laundry game regardless of how big your load is. You will be surprised how soon, it’s all done, leaving you time to get back to other fun activities.



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