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Quick Tip: 4 Steps to a fresh washing machine

It might clean your dirty laundry, but a washing machine can be quite smelly. Here's how to keep your washing machine fresh and remove smelly odours.


Despite the fact that you use a washing machine to clean your dirty laundry, the truth is that it can become quite smelly. Washing powder residue and dirty water find places to pool and can build-up a layer of sludge in pipes and places you can't reach. However, there are 4 steps to freshen your washing machine and keep it fresh.



1. Rinse and refresh

The easiest way to remove bad odours from a washing machine is to run a normal cycle and add white spirit vinegar to the loading tray. The acetic acid in white spirit vinegar helps to flush out and remove bad bacteria that are the cause of the smell.

A monthly rinse with white spirit vinegar will prevent any build-up in the pipes and get rid of stagnant water that collects in the system.

2. Wipe down the door

Whether you have a front loader or top loader, you should wipe down the door after every use, or at least on a regular basis. This area doesn't collect water, but if not cleaned regularly residue will build up around the inside of the door.






3. Wipe inside the drum


Use a clean dry cloth to wipe out the inside of the drum after a washing cycle, especially along the rubber seal around the front of the door. Lift up the seal to clean and remove any water left behind.

4. Clean out the filter

If you weren't away of it, your washing machine has a filter at the bottom that traps fibres and small items. If not cleaned out regularly, a blocked filter can have an adverse affect on washing machine performance. Plus, it tends to collect stagnant (smelly) water as well.

Using the 4 tips will keep your washing machine clean and smelling fresh and you won't have to be embarrassed about bad odours!



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