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Quick Tip: Dry Laundry Faster

With rainy days ahead and cold days just around the corner, we have some quick tips for drying laundry.


Tumble dryers use a lot of electricity, so if you come across tips to cut down on the time spent drying wet laundry - you save time and money. When it's cold or wet outdoors, laundry seems to take forever to dry and I have discovered that by adding a dry towel to a load of wet washing actually speeds up the drying process.

Quick Tip: Most tumble dryers heat up faster when set for a full load. Put all your washing in the tumble dryer and set for a full load (maximum time setting) and then turn this down after 20 to 30 minutes. That way you turn down the heat but still have warm air circulating through the dryer.





Get out your power tools to make this wall-mounted laundry rack. The indoor laundry drying rack is a great project to make for days when it's too cold, too windy or too wet to hang your washing outdoors. The adjustable laundry rack is made using PAR pine that you can buy at any Builders Warehouse and it's the perfect way to dry your washing indoors where there is very little space to spare.

If you are looking for ways to save on energy and prefer to use your tumble dryer as little as possible, Builders Warehouse offers a variety of different options for drying laundry - both indoors and outdoors, which is ideal if the weather is wet or cold. 

In a small home, townhouse or flat, you need to look at an option for drying laundry that fits in the available space that you have, especially when it's raining or cold and you don't want to have to traipse to a communal laundry area. Portable laundry racks are ideal for this situation and they can be set up indoors or outdoors on a small balcony.



In a house or townhouse with a small garden, a fold-up washing line takes up very little space when not in use and has plenty of hanging space for laundry for the average home.

QUICK TIP: I find that using coat hangers for shirts and t-shirts frees up even more hanging space when you have a large load of laundry.

Retractable washing lines are easy to install, both indoors and outdoors, and provide plenty of space for wet laundry. Installing a retractable line above a bathtub gives you a place to hang washing when it's raining or cold, and it's easily put away when not in use.



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