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Is it Safe to Install a Tumble Dryer in a Garage or Shed?

I have quite a few friends who don't have space in the kitchen to install their tumble dryer and it ends up in the garage - or outdoors, but is this good?



I posted a few months back on the addition I did in my kitchen by moving the washing machine and tumble dryer into a separate space. Since my tumble dryer vents through the door on the front of the tumbler dryer, fluff was forever flying around in the kitchen when the tumble dryer was on. Now that it is in a separate area, even though there is no outside vent in the space, there is far less fluff to deal with.







While mentioning this during a conversation, I discovered that a couple of friends keep their tumble dryer in the garage and another keeps hers outside under a DIY-constructed roof. However, it's not a great idea to keep a tumbler dryer in a garage and most definitely not outdoors.


Keeping a Tumble Dryer in the Garage

There are pros and cons for installing a tumble dryer in a garage and I did a bit of research on these to find out if it was a good idea to make space in a garage to set up a tumble dryer.

- Unit should be vented out of the garage

As mentioned above, my tumble dryer vents out the door on the front of the machine. This is not a good situation if you keep a tumble dryer similar to this in a garage. For most of the cycle, a tumble dryer will be venting damp air into this closed space and this will result in a build-up of mould and possibly rust on any tools, bicycles or similar that is stored in the garage.







It is important to note that any electrical device should not be operated in a damp environment.

If you do decide to install a tumble dryer in the garage, perhaps because you don't have the space anywhere else, make sure to only invest in a model that can be fitted with a ventilation pipe that can be vented to the outside via a hole in the wall. This will ensure no damp air circulates indoors.

- Keep the machine well away from the door opening

Tumble dryers are not designed to be kept outdoors and when the temperature drops, a unit with variable temperature control may use more energy to dry a load of washing. This will, of course, result in increased electricity costs and also put strain on the unit and possibly reduce it's lifespan





Keeping a Tumble Dryer in a Shed or Wendy Hut

Installing a tumble dryer in a timber shed or Wendy hut is similar to that mentioned above for when installed in a garage. However, the situation is further compounded by the fact that moist air will be pumped into or close to the timbers from which the shed or hut is made and this could case wood rot or fungi attack, even where timbers are treated.

There are multiple incidents where emergency response teams are called out to attend to fires caused by tumble dryers installed in sheds and garages.


Accidents are caused by tumble dryers installed in sheds and huts due to lack of air ventilation, moisture and improper electrical installation.








Keeping a Tumble Dryer Outdoors

Like most other household appliances, a tumble dryer is not manufactured in a way that is suitable for exterior use or prolonged storage outdoors. Moisture will not only attack electronic components in the unit, it is also dangerous for an electrical appliance to be kept outdoors unless installed in a waterproof structure. The structure should ensure that the tumble dryer is protected from the elements at all times and in all weather conditions.



First and foremost, when looking at installing a tumble dryer outdoors is to have a qualified electrician install a suitable power outlet for the machine.



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