tackling your first diy project

Getting Started

You've bought all your tools, attended a DIY Divas workshop and want to get started but don't know where to begin.

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buy tiny house

Buy Tiny House

If you are looking to buy your very own tiny house, you can buy the complete kit for US$3,000 on

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make prawn curry

Prawn Curry

This fragrant prawn dish is slightly sweet and deliciously mild (add a dash of chilli powder if you like yours hotter).

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which fireplace?

Which Fireplace?

As winter takes hold, you can be sure that it's going to be cold. A fireplace is the ideal way to warm up a home.

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how to apply edging strip

Quick Tip

If you need to finish off the edges laminated board or plywood, edging strips provide the perfect solution.

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save money when painting

Save When Painting

Painting might be the most affordable way to give a home a new look, but with the tools and materials it can be costly.

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tork craft biscuit joiner

Buy Today Only!

With the Tork Craft Biscuit Joiner Bundle you have everything you need to start making projects - with no visible screws!

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combine painted and wood cabinets

What's New?

Kitchen trends seem to come and go and a trend we're really loving is the mix of painted with wood cabinets.

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itc course registration

ITC Courses

Institute for Timber Construction SA (ITC-SA) Level 1 and 2 Estimator/Designer Courses registration now open.

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must have a jigsaw

'Must Have' Tool

If asked what tools do you need to start making your own furniture, a jigsaw is definitely on the list.

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why drill pilot hole

Pilot Hole?

When you are starting out in DIY there may come a time when you ask yourself... is a pilot hole necessary?

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greener home

Greener Home

With a few easy steps every home could become greener by making eco-friendly choices.

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dekton trilium countertop

Dekton Trilium

Dekton kitchen countertops are a high-tech combination of quartz, porcelain and glass.

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use organic weed killer

Go Organic

However ugly or annoying weeds are, do you really want to use poison or toxic products to kill them?

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add colour to home

Colour Splash

Every home needs a splash of colour, particularly when winter dresses the garden in shades or grey and green.

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make your own crown mouldings

Make Your Own

We offer easy advice that takes you step-by-step through the process of making your own mouding designs.

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buying or building?

Buy Or Build?

In this article we provide a brief overview of the pros and cons when deciding whether to buy or build a home.

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paint pouring technique

Paint Pour Challenge

There is a challenge across the Internet for paint pouring but watch these videos before you spend a fortune.

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Recycled Bags

Made With Plastic Bags

Find out how to make your own stylish bags using recycled waste plastic - a project you can easily do at home.

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Plastic pavers from waste

Paving With Plastic

One Delhi-based company in India is paving the way with paving tiles manufactured using 30,000 plastic waste.

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healthy houseplants

Healthy Houseplants

Houseplants need regular care to keep them healthy, and removing dust means glossy leaves.

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diy in the garden

DIY In The Garden

Now is the perfect time to tackle all those outdoor DIY projects to create the perfect outdoor space for summer entertaining.

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aircraft brad nailer

Today Only!

For today only you can purchase the Aircaft AT0001 Brad Nailer complete with Nail Kit at R789.00.

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clean silver

Howard Pine-Ola

Howard Pine-Ola Silver Polish is the preferred choice of silversmiths for over 90 years.

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home remedies for ants

Home Remedies

Here are some home remedies we think are the best of the bunch when it comes to getting rid of ants.

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builders competition

Win Builders Voucher

Rate your shopping experience and you could win 1 of 5 Builders vouchers in the grand prize draw.

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diy or handyman

DIY Or Handyman?

While it's a great idea to cultivate a do-it-yourself lifestyle, you need to also consider the cons.

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german quality bit sets

Quality Bit Sets

Felo Germany’s tough durable bits sets and bit holders provide a huge selection of quality specialist bits.

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remove hard water stains in pool

Remove Scale Build-Up

Hard water stains and mineral deposits build up around the top of a swimming pool and it isn't difficult to remove.

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living off grid with generator

Living Off-Grid

How do tiny houses get electricity? One way is through generators. See how these machines can help you live off-grid.

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disguise cracks in walls

Disguise Wall Cracks

When you rent your home there are going to be times when you need to disguise cracks in walls.

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deal with noisy neighbours

Noisy Neighbours?

Apartment or townhouse living means many of us have to put up with noisy neighbours - but there are tricks to use!

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hack that work or fail

Work? or Fail!

There are more than a few Internet hacks out there that totally fail, but there are some that work too!

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halo lighting

HALO Lighting

HALO lighting has revolutionized the underground mining world and is now available to homeowners and for outdoor.

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building plans

Building Plans

Any building done without permission can put the homeowner or home buyer in a potentially risky situation.

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flue-less gas fire safe?

Flue-Less Gas Fire

I'm considering having a flue-less gas fire installed but wanted to find out how safe it is to have a flue-less gas fire in a home.

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diy adirondack garden chair

DIY Garden Chairs

Adirondack garden chairs are comfortable chairs to sit on and we show you how to make with a Kreg Pocket-Hole Jig.

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tower gardening system

Tower Gardens

If you haven't yet heard about Tower Gardens, take a look at vegetable gardening of the future - happening now!

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cardboard shoe rack

Quick Project

You will love this project that uses cardboard boxes and tubes to make a nifty shoe rack for the home.

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sustainable living shipping containers

Sustainable Homes

There is a new trend around the globe, and particularly here in South Africa... shipping container homes.

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modular deck ideas

Moduar Deck Solution

When you rent your home you are limited as to what you can do, but this DIY deck is ideal for anyone renting their home.

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healthy breakfast ideas

Healthy Breakfasts

You might have heard the saying ‘breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day’ and it couldn’t be truer!

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bosch advanced impact 18 combi drill

Bosch AdvancedImpact

New Bosch AdvancedImpact 18 cordless combi drill system for DIY enthusiasts, with interchangeable adapters.

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bathroom renovation guide

Bathroom Renovations

Bathroom renovations are top of the list when it comes to home improvements, if it's done right.

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dremel 4000 on special

Today Only!

Kick-off your Dremel DIY crafts and hobbies with the Dremel 4000 Kit @ R2398 - today only!

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win le creuset shopping spree

Win A Shopping Spree

3 lucky Le Creuset fans are in for a treat - R15,000 to spend at Yuppiechef, on Le Creuset products that your heart desires.

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autumn in the garden

Autumn Garden

South Africans love spending time outdoors and autumn in one of the most beautiful seasons in the garden.

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bessey utility knife

Voted Most Unique

The Bessey folding utility knife is voted the most unique compact cutting unit in its category.

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macrame craft ideas

Get Knotted!

Macramé is one of those crafts that seems to keep coming come and is a fun way to craft your own home accessories.

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win a holiday for mothers day

Win A Holiday

Enter the Makro competition and stand in line to win a holiday to the Maldives for your mom for Mother's Day!

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ideas for bay windows

Ideas For Bay Windows

If you have a bay window in your home you are probably wondering what is the best way to dress or use this space.

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dining tables with glass top

Glass Table Tops

Fancy the idea of making your own dining table? A glass-topped dining table makes a bold statement.

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mothers day craft ideas

Craft Ideas

We compiled great craft ideas for Mother's Day that dad and the kids can make, or make for your own mom.

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recipe mushroom pasta

Mushroom Pasta

Paul Nash, Head Chef at The Conservatory shares his favourite Winter Recipe: Mushroom Pasta.

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funding for your home renovations

Need Finance?

If you are looking to improve or upgrade a home, what viable options can you pursue to fund your home renovations?

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make accent chair

You Can Make It!

Being able to make your own furniture is not as difficult as it may seen, in fact, it's actually easy with a few basic skills.

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fire pit build in 1 hour

Make In An Hour!

Looking to heat up the patio at night, check out this fire pit that you can easily make in under an hour.

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got some leftover bricks

Got Leftover Bricks?

Got leftover bricks and not sure what to do with them? Take a look at some great ideas for using leftover bricks.

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olfa crafter's bundle on special

Today Only

Take advantage of the Olfa special and get the Olfa Crafter's Bundle at R999 - today only!

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builders boksburg

All New Concept

In a constant drive to inspire customers, Builders has a new store prototype at Builders Warehouse Boksburg this week.

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make clutch bag

Inexpensive Clutch

Use recycled materials and fabric to make your own designer clutch bags for a special occasions.

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strawberry planter

Grow Strawberries

Don't toss out that old laundry baskets when you can use it to grow your own strawberries at home in the garden.

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stool with weave top

Weaving Technique

Make a modern stool and finish off with a unique seat design woven using nylon twine or sisal rope.

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easy DIY bicycle rack

Easy Bicycle Rack

Keep your bicycles in good condition and save space in a garage or shed by making this DIY bicycle storage rack.

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succulent gardens

Succulent Gardens

Succulent gardens are gaining popularity as more homeowners realise that these gardens require little or no watering.

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mothers day gift idea

Gift Idea

Looking for craft ideas for Mother's Day? Try this wood burning technique for making your own personal gifts.

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