tools 4 wood specials

Today Only!

Take advantage of these Tools4Wood specials and give the gift of DIY to someone you love.

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make festive candle holder

Make It

We used a stave from an Oak barrel to make an attractive wood candle holder as a centrepiece for the festive dining table.

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tork craft thread repair kit

Thread Repair Kit

A thread repair kit is an important tool for engineers, 2- and 4-wheel auto service operators, rebuilders and DIYers.

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kids craft paper angels

Kids Craft

Over the school holidays, keep the kids occupied making these pretty paper angels to dress the Christmas tree.

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gifts wrapped in style

Wrapped With Style

It is so easy to make your gifts special simply by wrapping them with style with these easy gift wrapping ideas.

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keep home cool without electricity

Keep Cool Without Power

With heat waves around the country, we look at how you can stay cool without using electricity.

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appliances with style

Choose A Colour

With ever-changing global trends, you can now match your appliances with your home interior.

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how to sound proof home

A Quiet Home

It’s a known fact that noise pollution can wreak on your nerves, leading to anxiety and irritation.

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pro tech router bits

Quality Router Bits

Pro Tech offer the most comprehensive range of specialist, affordable quality router bits.

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live in one room

Living In One Room

When you live in a studio apartment you need to set up a living space that also serves as a bedroom.

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vehicle refinancing

Car Refinancing

Car refinancing has been around for many years. But to this day, many people still don’t understand it.

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romantic garden

Romantic Setting

There are many brilliant ideas on how to create a warm and relaxing atmosphere in a garden.

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Join the fun at DIY Divas

Join The Fun

Want to make your own decor accessories or custom furniture? Find out how at DIY-Divas around the country.

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kitchen essentials

Kitchen Essentials

The kitchen is the most important room in every house - that’s why it should be well-equipped.

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Builders R10 000 trolley dash

R10 000 Trolley Dash

How would you like to win a R10 000 Trolley Dash from Builders? Read on to find out how to enter.

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eat outdoors for healthy lifestyle

Healthy Lifestyle

Did you know that eating outdoors is good for your health and can improve your lifestyle?

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fairy light christmas tree ideas

Fairy Light Tree

No space for a Christmas tree? Make this decorative Christmas tree with fairy lights and a piece of pine or board.

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diy gift wine box

Make It

Kreg and Dremel have partnered to show you how to make this handmade Wine Gift Box.

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part 1 of kitchen revamp and renovation

Kitchen Renovation

Anyone can do a do-it-yourself kitchen renovation with these easy instructions and helpful tips.

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make kitchen cupboard for under sink

Make It

Tutorial to make a new kitchen cupboard with integral pullout storage drawers for under the kitchen sink.

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make edible gifts gingerbread men

Edible Gifting

Gingerbread men are a great way for the family to get together to make edible gifts for family and friends!

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diy make festive centrepiece

Festive Centrepiece

This beautiful Christmas feature brings a touch of nature to your festive dining table and is super-easy to make.

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make wood tree ornaments

Make It

We are looking at becoming more sustainable, so why not consider making your own wooden tree ornaments?

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engrave your valuables

Protect Valuables

Personal possessions that are engraved with your details are less likely to be stolen and more likely to be recovered.

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high end kushkush product range

High Design

Challenging the way that people view cannabis by elevating the aesthetics of the cannabis consumption experience.

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make spiral christmas tree

Make It

This spiral Christmas tree is something to make as a eco-friendly option to buying a fake tree.

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stand out kitchen design

Stand Out Design

This statement Steyn City kitchen is the epitome of perfection, celebrating contemporary clean lines.

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the spirit of christmas

The Spirit Of Christmas

Hope has packed 200ml of Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh in one gorgeous gift pack, available for the festive season.

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decorate for christmas

Deck The Halls...

The festive season is a special time for many and decorating a home for Christmas is a family tradition.

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embroidered christmas decor

Sew, Sew, Sew!

These gorgeous embroidery ideas are wonderful for making your own Christmas decor and ornaments that will last forever.

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dream of a white kitchen

A White Kitchen!

While we may never dream of a white Christmas, there's nothing wrong with dreaming of a white kitchen!

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when is stainless steel stainless

Not Always Stainless!

Did you know that not all stainless steel is stainless? Some manufacturers claim a product to be 'stainless' when it is not.

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caesarstone millionaire

Caesarstone Million!

Don't miss out on the opportunity to be the Caesarstone Millionaire - simply enter the competition!

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cut glass backsplash tile

Cut Glass Tiles

I'm busy tiling my kitchen backsplash and wanted to fit a way to cut the glass tiles without using a wet saw.

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most popular diy in 2019

Most Popular In 2019

Based on social media, we have compiled our most popular DIY projects for 2019 - as determined by our readers.

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foods for christmas

Quick And Easy Dish

Pan-fried, Parma ham-wrapped asparagus spears are ideal for a cocktail party, lunch or dinner.

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colours for christmas 2019

Pick A Colour

If you like to keep up with the trends, you will love the Christmas colours that you will find at Mr Price Home.

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dressing the christmas tree

Dress The Christmas Tree

A beautifully dressed Christmas tree is the centrepiece of your festive decorating, so let your Christmas tree shine.

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15 percent discount when you sign up

15% Discount*

Enjoy exclusive deals, birthday rewards, free in-store wi-fi and 15% discount on your first online purchase.and more.

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gifts for family overseas

Family Overseas?

If you have family that has relocated overseas, we found the perfect gift to send them and that is 100% South African.

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