tie down patio furniture cushions

Tie Down Cushions

If your patio cushions end up in the pool - or next door when it's windy - here's a quick fix to solve the problem.

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craft wool feathers

Wool Feathers

Use pieces of leftover wool to make wool feathers that you can use to adorn your own homemade crafts.

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replace door lock block

Replace Door Lock Block

If you need to replace the lock block on an interior door, here's how to do a dutchman repair patch.

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buy recycling bins

Recycling Bins

Compact and space-saving, these Brabantia recycling bins are on special offer and ideal for a small kitchen.

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buying blinds that fit

Fitting Blinds

Grubby bathroom blinds replaced with aluminium Venetian blinds from Finishing Touches that let in more natural light.

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toni wood lathe

On Special

If you are interested in wood turning, take a look at this Toni Wood Lathe and Chisel Set on special offer.

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fit new door handle

Fit New Door Handle

Door handles looking a tad dated? Replacing an old door handle is as easy as 1...2...3...

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add crown moulding

Add Crown Moulding

Where previously there was no detail in this room, crown moulding has been added as a decorative touch.

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working with pine

When Working With Pine...

Eyeball pine planks or laminated pine shelving to check for defects before you take them home.

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succulents pot in a pot

Miniature Gardens

There's a new craze stirring up the Internet recently... miniature succulent gardens - a pot in a pot!

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work from your bed

Work From Your Bed

I got a big thank you from a reader incapacitated who had to work from her bed. She made our Laptop Stand!

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buy barn door hardware

Barn Door Hardware

If you're battling to source sliding barn door hardware, now you can buy everything you need at Gelmar!

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diy wall trellis and planter box

Planter & Trellis

After making a trellis for his garden, I got my son to make one with planter box for my front entrance.

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vintage makeover with spray paint

Vintage Makeover

These vintage steel chairs - too pretty to toss out - are given a new lease on life with Rust-Oleum Stops Rust.

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desktop laptop stand

Quick Project

You can make this ingenious desktop laptop stand in an hour with a few tools and supplies.

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easy wall art

Easy Wall Art

This quick project lets you make your own wall art - in any colour - to fill up a blank wall.

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pizza board

DIY Pizza Board

If you or your family loves pizza, we show you how to craft a personalised pizza serving board.

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rust-oleum wood stain

Vintage Stain

It's easy to stain pine or meranti in wood tints or colour to give it a finish that looks like anything but inexpensive wood!

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decorate rental home

Decor For A Rental

When renting a home you need to look for easy ways to add your personal touch without damaging walls, etc.

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uses for plastic crates

Recycle Plastic Crates

I have a couple of plastic crates that I want to recycle and found some great ideas for recycling plastic crates.

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remove white rings from wood

Remove Stains

White stains on wood furniture are unsightly, but you can remove white stains if you use the proper products.

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