flavoured butters

Add Some Flavour

Add some flavour to your outdoor cooking and meals with these herb, garlic and chive, and chili butters.

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Smart Garden indoor gardening kits

Smart Garden Kits

Smart Garden 9 | Smart Garden 3 indoor gardening kits helps you grow indoors using energy efficient LED grow lights

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Grand Re-Opening

Grand Re-Opening

Builders Strubens Valley is the latest Builders store in the group to get a spanking-new revamp.

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otp scammers

OTP Scammers

After being targeted in the OTP scam, I though it best to share so that everyone would be aware.

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difference between mineral turpentine and lacquer thinners

What's The Difference?

There is some confusion about the difference between Mineral Turpentine and Lacquer Thinners.

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tickets to homemakers expo cape town 2019

Tickets Up For Grabs!

Looking for the latest ideas to decorate a home? Here's an opportunity to win tickets to HOMEMAKERSexpo.

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wall clock from old bicycle wheel

Bicycle Wheel = Wall Clock

If you've got an old bicycle you want to toss out - see how you can transform this into a unique wall clock for your home.

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live tool demonstrations

Live Tool Demos

Tune in for live YouTube videos that cover a wide selection of the latest tools for your DIY workshop.

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bath scratched or cracked

Scratched Or Cracked?

If your bath is scratched beyond repair or has hairline (or larger) cracks... It's time to replace.

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make outdoor board game for the kids

Outdoor Game Fun

This game of Tic-Tac-Toe is a simple project to set up outdoors in the garden and will keep the kids occupied for hours.

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pest free home

Pest-Free Home

Cleanliness is crucial, because if you neglect that, pests will invade and make your life a living hell.

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fit a new front door

Shut The Front Door!

Not much thought is given to the front door but this is one part of a house that demands attention.

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how to soundproof a home

The Sound Of Silence

An idea for easy-to-make sound dampening panels to have some peace and quiet in your home.

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stapling without strain and hand fatigue

Strain-Free Stapling

If you use a heavy-duty stapler you know how hard it can be on your hands. That's why I prefer to use a Bosch Tacker.

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easy hanging hammock chair for outdoors

Quick Project

This hanging garden chair is super-easy to make and takes up far less space than a conventional hammock.

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diy pallet garden lounger

Reclaimed Pallet Lounger

Here's a comfortable twist on the pallet chair - this reclaimed pallet wood lounger is a great place to relax on weekends.

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olfa safety cutter

Safety Cutter 4-In-1

Olfa's New SK-15 Disposable Concealed Blade Safety Knife - manufactured to high quality standards.

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Bosch Blue and Bosch Green competition

Competition Now Open

Here is your opportunity to win a share of Bosch Power Tools to the value of R20 000, plus Bosch Goodie Bags.

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timber homes in south africa

Plantations, Not Forests

Misconceptions about timber as a construction material are still commonplace.

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must have secondhand bargains

Must-Have Bargains

Don't waste money on assembly-line furniture for your home when thrift store bargains can be given a makeover.

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design-a-bed childrens furniture

Children's Furniture

Design-A-Bed specialise in children’s furniture - offering a variety of girls and boys beds as well as storage units.

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fill bald patches in lawn

No More Bald Spots

If your lawn or grassed area is looking a bit bald it's time to fill in the patchy spots.

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install venetian blinds

Express Delivery

Installing Venetian blinds as a window treatment in the home allows you to control light and privacy.

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Join the fun at DIY Divas

Join The Fun

Want to make your own decor accessories or custom furniture? Find out how at DIY-Divas around the country.

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set up a grow tent

Let Them Grow!

Grow tents can be a godsend for gardeners. If you’re planning to buy one, consider these tips to get you started.

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use flat or matt paint for ceilings

Flat Paint For Ceilings

While re-painting a ceiling, it gave me the opportunity to mention why you should only use flat or matt paint.

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calming bedroom design

A Calm Bedroom

Whether updating or renovating your bedroom, there are some ways you can make it as your ultimate calming space.

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de walt challenge

DeWALT Challenge

Drive 5 screws into wood using a DeWALT cordless drill in the quickest time until 24 August 2019.

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bosch green or bosch blue?

Green Or Blue?

At DIY Divas workshops we promote the Bosch Green, but with all the Bosch Blue specials - what is the best tool to buy?

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treat lawn for spring

Easy As 1...2...3...

During winter, your lawn goes into hibernation and it needs a boost to achieve a lush growth for Spring.

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how to select the best pine for projects

Buy Only The Best

Don't waste your money on timber that has obvious defects - rather look for pieces with few or no defects.

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keep garden tools sharp

Always Sharp

Your garden will soon require regular attention, so make sure your garden tools are sharp and up to the task.

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buy mattress for murphy bed

What Mattress?

For those new to Murphy beds, we discuss factors to consider when buying a new mattress for this type of bed frame.

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fit new handles

Can You Handle It!

When choosing handles, it may be a micro element of the kitchen but it will have a macro impact on the final finish!

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garden swing seat for outdoors

Quick Project

This hanging seat is easy to make and can be hung from a large tree branch or a solid beam on your patio roof.

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decorating a home for spring

Is It Spring?

Warmer days have arrived well before spring, so perhaps we should take advantage before the heat begins.

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mix it right

Mix It Properly

Avoid mistakes by using the correct stirrer, rod and settings in accordance with manufacturer specifications.

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unit for entrance hall

Ideal For Entrance

Practical storage ideal for an entrance. It has a place to hang and store to keep your entrance clear of clutter.

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dress up your entrance

Time For A New Look!

When guests enter your home the entrance is the first thing they see, yet many people tend to ignore this space.

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concrete dog water bowl

Concrete Bowls

These concrete bowls are ideal for pets - cats or dogs - and you can make a food and water bowl using the same method.

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bathroom tile ideas

Bathroom Tile Ideas

We feature five altogether different bathroom ceramic tile ideas to consider when renovating your bathroom.

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cape town homemakers expo 2019

Homemakers Expo

Themed Raw Comfort, the Cape Town HOMEMAKERS Expo takes place from 29 August to 1 September at the CTICC.

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save money on electricity

Ka-ching! Ka-ching!

Apart from your geyser, a dishwasher uses a lot of your monthly electricity, but these tips will save you money!

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maintenance of wooden outdoor furniture

Time for some TLC

If you haven't given your outdoor furniture some TLC for a long time, it's time grab your supplies.

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child study area

Place To Study

As young children move up in grades, there us a need for a dedicated space where they can do homework or study.

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make a privacy fence

Quick Project

If you have overlooking neighbours, this easy fence will give you the privacy you need.

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tips for small gardens

Small Garden Ideas

Whether the size of your garden, it garden can always be upgraded into something spectacular to suit you.

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tips for spring cleaning

Get Stuck In!

Without classes on home economics, a lot of people are stuck on the in and outs of keeping a home entirely clean.

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great deals on Dremel

Great Deals On Dremel

I'm always on the lookout for great bargains and you will like these prices on Dremel and accessories at Takealot.

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acrylic pour method

Acrylic Pour With Cells

With fluid painting you create fascinating art and won't achieve comparable effects with any classical painting technique.

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build a murphy bed

Murphy Beds

The hardware for a DIY Murphy Bed has to be imported and is expensive, but you can build without the costly hardware.

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gender neutral names

Gender Neutral

Gender-neutral names are now globally trending more than ever for very good reasons.

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easy plant stands to make

Quick Project

Add shimmering copper with these easy plant stands made using pine dowels and copper fittings.

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easy to grow herbs

Easy To Grow

Here are some of the easiest herbs to grow in your garden or on a kitchen windowsill.

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clean carpets in the home

Clean Carpets

A clean carpet improves the overall appearance of your home. Here are 5 ways of cleaning your carpets at home.

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Unusual and unique recycled wine bottles

Unique & Functional

If you love to recycle, try one of these unusual yet practical ideas to recycle glass wine bottles.

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how to refinish wood furniture

Refinishing Tips

The finish on wood furniture might need to be restored or refinished - without having to strip the existing finish.

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stay within budget

Stay Within Budget

When looking to take on a bathroom reno it helps to have some control over the costs.

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foundation problem?

Foundation Problem?

Here are seven common signs of a bad foundation that you must be aware of and remedy as soon as possible.

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wood carve with dremel multitool

Wood Carving

I would love to do more wood carving and was quite surprised at how it can be if you use a Dremel Multitool.

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clothes rail for little girls

For Little Girls

If you're looking for ideas to decorate a little girl's bedroom, why not make this kiddies clothes or dress-up rack.

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CD craft ideas

CD Craft Ideas

If you have old CDs,  here are some great ways to turn them into interesting wall art and decorative finishes.

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perfectly rounded off legs

Round Off Legs

When you need to round-off the base of legs and you don't have specialist tools... here's how to do it.

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rawlplug nylon wall plugs

Only Use Nylon

If you don't want your fittings falling off the wall - only use nylon wall plugs to mount items onto walls - any type of wall.

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quartz for bathroom

Quartz Countertops

Top 5 benefits of quartz so that you can see why this material is great for your bathroom countertops.

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outdoors ready for spring

Spring Into Action

Before spring there are a few tasks to do to increase the overall appearance and health of your outdoor area.

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