install a washing machine

Install Washing Machine

When buying a washing machine you want to make sure it is properly installed for maximum output and efficiency.

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home insulation

Why Insulate?

During winter your home loses heat. Home insulation decreases heat loss and keeps a home warm and cosy.

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woodex 2018

Full House

WoodEX is preparing to host a bumper edition show from 11 to 13 July 2018 at Gallagher Convention Centre in Midrand.

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plaster an older home

Fix Up Plaster

When you need to restore rather than repair, here's how to do plaster repairs in an older home.

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house plants

Bring Your Garden Indoors

A home can feel stale in winter, but houseplants can revitalise and refresh a home during the winter months.

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diy divas workshops

DIY Divas Demonstrations

Join DIY Divas in June and July for a variety of informative and practical demonstrations.

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bosch special

Special on Bosch Bundle

Today only - purchase a Bosch PST 650 Jigsaw with PLS 300 Cutting Station for only R1569.00.

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walk in closets

Walk In Closets

A must-have item in many designer homes, walk-in closets are becoming an item on the new homeowners wish list.

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pvc pipe bird house

PVC Pipe Bird House

It might be winter now, but it won't be long before bird life is looking for a place to set up a new home.

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join cables

Join Cables Safely

Join any size 220V electrical cable using the Tork Craft Cable Joiner. The Safe-T-Join is affordable and easy to use.

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fan planter

Fan Planter

Anyone who has a fan knows they don't last long - so turn that broken fan into a colourful planter for your patio or balcony.

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kreg rip cut

Accurate Cuts

An easy way to make long, straight cuts is with the Kreg Rip-Cut and Kreg Accu-Cut saw guides.

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window treatments add style

Finishing Touches

You can use window treatments to provide extra comfort and bring style into your home.

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chopping board

Mess-Free Chopping

This cutting board has a space that allows you to fit a plate underneath the board.

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glam doors

Glam Detail

Built-in cupboard and closet doors can be boring, but it's easy to add detail for a more glam look.

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donut clock

Quick Project

Here's an easy way to add a fun element to any room with a colourful donut wall clock.

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air fryer

Top Tips

The air fryer has become every kitchen's must-have appliance. Here are some tips for getting the most out of your air fryer.

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organised tupperware


If your Tupperware drawer or cupboard is looking like it got hit by a tornado, time to get organised.

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pullout drawer

More Storage

Cupboards don't always provide the storage you need, so make your own storage drawers to store more.

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triton router

Today Only!

It's Woodworking Wednesday, and for today only you can get the Triton MOF001D Plunge Router at R 2999.

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design joburg rooms on view

Rooms On View

Rooms on View makes its anticipated return in 2018 with alluring room-sets and never before seen collaborative exhibits.

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balcony bar

Balcony Bar

If your balcony isn't large enough to swing a cat, you'll love this balcony bar - it slips over a balcony railing.

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fence ideas

Fence Ideas

As an alternative to precast walls, fences can be made of timber or composite in so many wonderful designs.

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bathroom tiles

Perfect Tiles

It’s hard to imagine a modern home that doesn’t have tiles in a bathroom. How do you find the right ones for your home?

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chunky shelf

Chunky Storage

If you need extra shelves for storage, these chunky pine floating shelves are quick to make and easy to install.

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circular shelf

Easy Shelf

These circular wall shelves are easy to make using pine, plywood or SupaWood - and you can stain or paint.

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stencil floor

Stencilled Floor

When you decide to rip out a carpet, here's how to paint a concrete floor to add wonderful detailing on a budget.

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add warmth

Add Warmth

South Africans spend a lot of time outdoors - even in winter, so use these tip to add warmth to a patio or deck.

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panel screen

Quick Project

This privacy screen is a quick and easy project using supplies that you will find at any hardware store.

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offcut edging

Rustic Border

If you use timber for projects, you'll have lots of offcuts. Use timber offcuts to make an attractive border for flower beds.

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rubbing alcohol

Rubbing Alcohol

With flu season upon us, what better time than now to learn how you can use rubbing alcohol in the home.

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install fireplace

Install A Fireplace

Winter is spreading her icy tendrils across the land, so what better time to install a fireplace.

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Home Comfort

Ceilings create a barrier from the cold and can contribute towards making homes warmer in winter.

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rag rug

Circular Rag Rug

Rag rugs are fun to make and you can use old clothes to weave your own colourful rag rug for the home.

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reuse old t-shirts

Reuse Old T-Shirts

Before you toss out any old t-shirts, take a look at some great ideas to repurpose old t-shirts.

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Timber Treatments

In this article we offer advice on how to treat and care for a log cabin or Wendy house using Powafix Timber Treatments.

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