bessey clamps

Bessey Revo Clamp

The evolution of the BESSEY body clamp: REVO 2.0 with added power and safety features.

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vegetarian day

Vegetarian Day

Head Chef of Chefs, Jenny Ward, shares her recipe for a wholesome salt roast beetroot and chèvre terrine.

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tool specials

Today Only!

Valid for today only - get the Tork Craft Biscuit Joiner For R1 279.00, including free delivery.

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kreg on special

Kreg R3 On Special

The Kreg R3 Jig is the DIY enthusiasts solution for assembling wood project, plus it comes with a free Face Clamp.

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outdoors ready for summer

Ready For Summer

Temperatures are rising and South Africans are spending more time outdoors - are you ready for summer?

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before and after home office makeover

Before & After

If you work from home and in the process of setting up your own home office, we've got a three helpful designer tips for you.

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pretoria homemakers


Pretoria HOMEMAKERS Expo takes place from Friday 28 September to Sunday 30 September 2018.

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open plan living

More Privacy

Open plan doesn't have to be a single room without any divisions - this home has clearly defined living spaces.

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shower refresh

Shower Refresh

Use white spirit vinegar to remove hard water stains, mineral deposits and mould in a shower.

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sink update

Special Offers

Give your kitchen a much needed update with new stainless steel sink and taps on special at Gelmar.

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hot glue crafts

Hot Glue Crafts

Hot glue crafts are blowing up the Internet at the moment. Grab your glue gun and try one of these pretty glue gun crafts.

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clean sofa

Clean Sofa

Spills and stains can spoil the look of your furniture, but here are some easy tips to clean an upholstered sofa.

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stacked bookshelf

Make It

This stacked bookshelf or display unit is easy to make using laminated and PAR pine you can buy at Builders.

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spring table setting

Spring Table

Create a memorable Spring table setting with these fresh table setting ideas from Carrol Boyes.

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router bits

Most popular router bits

When starting out with a router you can be overwhelmed with choices. Here are some routing bits you will use the most.

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handy tool caddy

Handy Tool Caddy

This handy tool caddy is made using food cans and a scrap of plywood. We show you how easy it is to make your own.

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awe inspiring home exteriors

Awe Inspiring Finishes

Take a look at some awe-inspiring Cemcrete finishes that you can add to your home exterior.

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what finish for wood

What Finish For Wood?

There is a lot of confusion for finishing wood, so we look at the different options for the home DIY enthusiast.

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magical hanging lights

Magical Hanging Lights

Make these magical hanging lights to hang in the garden or over a patio dining table.

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builders brings art alive

Builders brings art alive

As Spring signals new beginnings, Builders took advantage of the buoyance by hosting its first #BuildersArtFest.

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spring crafts

Spring Craft Ideas

We put together a selection of inspiring spring craft ideas to welcome Spring into your home.

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lawn care tips

Spring Lawn

With the arrival of Spring anyone that has a garden with lawn knows it’s time to start prepping for another year of growth.

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make an indoor terrarium

Quick Project

Creating an indoor terrarium doesn't have to be difficult and we show you how easy it is to make one in under 30 minutes.

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how to stencil a wall

Easy Stencilling

Create a wonderfully unique design to walls using this affordable way to stencil on walls.

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create a faux brick wall

Faux Brick Wall

If you have a room that needs 'a little something' to make it pop, why not add a faux brick wall.

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diy TV console with wood slice finish

TV Unit

We make a basic TV unit with unique wood veneer detailing on the top, doors and drawer front using wood slices.

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diy farmhouse table

Farmhouse Table

We show you how to make a farmhouse table that can be modified to seat as many people as required.

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shou sugi ban

Shou Sugi Ban

Shou Sugi Ban is the traditional Japanese method of preserving wood by charring the surface.

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washing machine drum coffee table

Luminous Coffee Table

If you're replacing your old washing machine we show you a way to turn the drum into a luminous coffee table.

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hanging planter

Hanging Garden

Bring your garden indoors with this easy hanging planter. Your plants will float in front of a sunny window.

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