what to look for secondhand furniture

What To Look For?

When  looking to add furniture to your home it helps to know what to look for when buying old furniture.

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sanitize dishwasher

Sanitize Dishwasher

Many use a dishwasher on a daily basis, but it's important to sanitize a dishwasher regularly to ensure it is hygienic.

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diy man caddy for bathroom

Man Caddy

Our DIY projects rarely feature something for the guys, but this man caddy is specially for the DIY guys out there!

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remove baked-on grease with dremel multitool

Remove Baked-On Grease

Not only for crafts & hobbies, there are many other tasks in a home where you can use a Dremel Multitool.

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unique chair repair

Unique Chair Repair

One of the DIY Divas asked me to restore and repair a very unique vintage chair, like nothing I have ever seen before.

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15% discount on roller blinds

15% Discount In July

With blinding specials this July, there's never been a better time to update your window treatments for Spring.

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how to remove and replace oven

Install New Oven

If you want to replace your old built-in oven with a new oven, it only requires a few simple steps - no electrician required!

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tork craft portable lighting

Portable Lighting

For back-up lights for load shedding, camping, caravanning, indoor home mobile lights or for all your outdoor uses.

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diy bread bin with display

Make A Bread Bin

The design of this bread bin allows you to see through the door with a plexiglass top for displaying home baked goods.

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sleep better

Sleep Better

Customise your bedroom to the very definition of sleep-friendly. Here are a few ways you can makeover your bedroom.

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get rid of night sweats

Night Sweats?

Sleep at a constant temperature with the Vencasa Technologically Advanced Mattress Protector.

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pratley putty goes to the moon and back

To The Moon & Back!

Pratley Putty showcased on commemorative coin series from the SA Mint.

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bosch router bundle

Unbeatable Offer

Here's your opportunity to add a Bosch Router to your tool collection - complete with Router Bit Sets

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install drawer runners

Add Drawers

Beginner DIY enthusiasts often leave out drawers in their projects because they're not sure how to install them.

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de walt challenge

DeWALT Challenge

Drive 5 screws into wood using a DeWALT cordless drill in the quickest time until 24 August 2019.

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upcycled storage organiser

Upcycled Storage

I am one of those who doesn't use primer very often, but there are times when primer is practical before spray painting.

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why spray paint is tacky or sticky

Sticky Spray Paint?

I've had many queries on why a spray paint finish is sticky and this post explains how to get the perfect finish.

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how to apply wood stain

Apply Wood Stain

Because most beginner DIY enthusiasts use pine for their projects, wood stain is commonly used to disguise basic pine.

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extra 5% discount on purchases at tools4wood

Get More Discount!

If you're in the market for woodworking or DIY tools, make sure you get even more discount!

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establish privacy hedge

Hedge For Privacy

We surround our homes with walls and high fences, but growing a hedge is an easy way to obtain privacy.

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diy make a bathroom vanity

Make It

In a compact or cramped bathroom, a floating bathroom vanity takes up less space and offers plenty of storage.

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diy party guide

DIY Party Guide

Tired of having the same old birthday party? Throw your very own, personalised celebration!

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design-a-bed childrens furniture

Children's Furniture

Design-A-Bed specialise in children’s furniture - offering a variety of girls and boys beds as well as storage units.

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which paint for bathroom

Which Paint?

When it's time to paint or give a bathroom a makeover, you want to make sure that you use the right paint products.

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washing machine drum braai

Braai For Free

Before you chuck out that old washing machine, use the stainless steel drum to make a braai for your patio or deck.

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extra 5% discount on purchases at tools4wood

Buy More For Less!

If you're in the market for building or construction tools, make sure you get even more discount!

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100% design south africa

Diarise The Date

Don’t miss out on the sixth installment of 100% Design South Africa coming this August.

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use registered contractors

Beware Of Risk

The ITC urges homeowners to do due diligence when embarking on construction or renovation projects.

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copper tube candle holder

Quick Project

This pretty copper candle holder will only take about 10 minutes to make and looks wonderful on a table.

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cold pressed juice

Keep It Fresh

To help determine the better option between cold-pressed and bottled juice, we take a closer look at each.

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remove smell washing machine

Bad Smells?

It might clean your dirty laundry, but a washing machine can be quite smelly. Keep your washing machine fresh.

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make upholstered ottoman or foot stool

Make It

Having previously shown work by Eudes Oliveira, I had to share this upholstered ottoman or footstool recently completed.

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bosch blue power tools

True Blue Specials!

If you are looking to kick-off your tool collection, or add more tools - here's a great Bosch Blue special for today only!

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refresh home in a weekend

Weekend Refresh

Hard to believe that Spring is not that far away, so we've got some tips on refreshing a home in a weekend.

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limited edition tool cabinets

Limited Edition

Introducing limited edition cabinets for racing enthusiasts, teams, workshops and auto industry professionals.

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builders warehouse wins nursery association awards

Blooming Good!

The home improvement, DIY and building material retailer has, once again, scooped a basketful of awards in 2019.

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set up first home office

First Home Office

No matter where you live, you need to find a space that you can designate for your home office.

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cape town homemakers expo 2019

Homemakers Expo

Themed Raw Comfort, the Cape Town HOMEMAKERS Expo takes place from 29 August to 1 September at the CTICC.

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measure and mark

Measure & Mark

The Tork Craft tape measure can measure and mark all-in-one - and up to 50,000 times!

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concrete cooler box

Rock Solid Cooler

Make a rock solid cooler box to keep your refreshments cool during summer and that looks great on the patio.

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have fun upcycling furniture

Old Becomes Trendy

Don't throw out an old piece of furniture when you can upcycle with a new look to transform it into a statement piece.

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Join the fun at DIY Divas

Join The Fun

Want to make your own decor accessories or custom furniture? Find out how at DIY-Divas around the country.

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how to make creative display

Creative Display

Not everyone has the ability to set up a wonderful display without too much thought, so here are some tips.

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dowel side table

Quick Project

This stylish table is made using a cardboard tube, pine half-rounds and your choice of top.

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african design goes global

Global Africa!

African countries collaborate with Ikea for a fresh perspective on a collection of furniture pieces, textiles and tableware.

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energizer led headlight

Energizer Innovation

Energizer have launched an exciting and innovative range of LED headlights - packed with great features.

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bring nature indoors

At Home With Nature

Indoor plants are a wonderful way to bring a touch of nature indoors and blur the lines between in and outdoors.

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fitting or fixture?

Fitting Or Fixture?

Many buyers put in an Offer to Purchase after seeing a property but without checking what is actually included.

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easy diy lazy susan turntable

Easy Lazy Susan

Every entertainer loves a Lazy Susan turntable, and we show you the easy way to make your own Lazy Susan.

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tork craft mini engraver

Today's Special

The Tork Craft Mini Engraver Tool might be small, but it's a great way to start out with a variety of crafts and hobbies.

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lighting at builders

Trendy Lighting Options

A modern light fitting can really update a home, and we have compiled a selection of affordable light fittings from Builders.

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spoil yourself at home

Spoil Yourself

Winter has a way of making you feel like your head is stuffed with cotton wool, so try these tips to refresh body and soul.

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clean tile grout

Refresh Bathroom Tiles

It isn't that difficult to give those grubby bathroom tiles a fresh, new look and we provide some simple ways to do this.

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teepee cat bed

Quick Project

Make this wooden teepee cat bed using PAR pine that you can buy at any Builders store.

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diy rocking horse

Rocking Horse

What little one wouldn't love their very own rocking horse, and this rocking horse is easy to make.

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cash for scrap

Cash For Scrap

We know renovations can be expensive, but did you know you can make a bit of extra cash when taking on a renovation?

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build a deck

Want A Deck?

The cooler months of the year are a great time to get stuck in and build a deck and finish it for the summer.

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discover durban

Discover Durban

Prepare to experience something completely new at the Discover Durban Design exhibition.

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hearty meatball recipe

Hearty Meatballs

A welcome update on your beef meatball recipe. Serve these hearty nuggets with pasta, mashed potato or crusty bread.

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unisa 2019 registration

UNISA Registration 2019

Successful applicants should initiate the registration process soon after receiving admission.

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honeycomb blinds

Honeycomb Blinds

Discover energy-efficient window treatments with honeycomb blinds made to fit at Finishing Touches.

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tomato soup

Comfort Food

A regular feature on the menu, The Hussar Grill’s legendary tomato soup is an enduring favourite.

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kreg on special

Save On Kreg Tools

We love it when we can add to our tool collection with special offers and great buys!

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benefits of a ceiling fan

Ceiling Fans

Not just a great way to cool down a room, ceiling fans are an eco-friendly alternative to an air conditioner.

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porcelain pavers

Pocelain Pavers

Porcelain pavers allow you to design your outdoor spaces as you would your indoor living areas.

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diy make a peg bench

Place To Hang Out!

This quirky peg bench is a unique feature for a garden, plus it's a great way to set up a spot where you can sit and relax.

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winter craft projects

Winter Crafts

Add some warmth to your home with these creative winter crafts that will also warm you during the chilly evenings.

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don't panic

Don't Panic!

A digital detector lets you know where water pipes are located. But what do you do if you accidentally hit a water pipe?

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tropical feature wall

Tropical Feature Wall

If you want the look of expensive wallpaper without the high cost... use a Palm Frond wall pattern kit.

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prepare for new kitchen

Prep For New Kitchen

There are concrete steps you can take to make preparing your home for a new kitchen easy and pleasurable.

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clean or replace bed pillows

Clean Or Replace

Thinking about what might be hiding in your bed pillows will make you want to buy new ones more often!

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prune roses

Prune Roses

This time of year, when the weather is cooler, is the best time to prune your rose bushes.

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wood fruit holder

Wood Fruit Holder

Make this unique wooden fruit holder to add the perfect finishing touch to your dining table or kitchen countertop.

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make a cutting frame

Cutting Frame

When you need to cut down larger boards, this practical cutting support allows you to set up instantly.

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