Join the fun at DIY Divas

Join The Fun

Want to make your own decor accessories or custom furniture? Find out how at DIY-Divas around the country.

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diy make a peg bench

Place To Hang Out!

This quirky peg bench is a unique feature for a garden, plus it's a great way to set up a spot where you can sit and relax.

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winter craft projects

Winter Crafts

Add some warmth to your home with these creative winter crafts that will also warm you during the chilly evenings.

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don't panic

Don't Panic!

A digital detector lets you know where water pipes are located. But what do you do if you accidentally hit a water pipe?

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tropical feature wall

Tropical Feature Wall

If you want the look of expensive wallpaper without the high cost... use a Palm Frond wall pattern kit.

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design-a-bed childrens furniture

Children's Furniture

Design-A-Bed specialise in children’s furniture - offering a variety of girls and boys beds as well as storage units.

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prepare for new kitchen

Prep For New Kitchen

There are concrete steps you can take to make preparing your home for a new kitchen easy and pleasurable.

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clean or replace bed pillows

Clean Or Replace

Thinking about what might be hiding in your bed pillows will make you want to buy new ones more often!

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prune roses

Prune Roses

This time of year, when the weather is cooler, is the best time to prune your rose bushes.

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wood fruit holder

Wood Fruit Holder

Make this unique wooden fruit holder to add the perfect finishing touch to your dining table or kitchen countertop.

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make a cutting frame

Cutting Frame

When you need to cut down larger boards, this practical cutting support allows you to set up instantly.

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holiday club

Holiday Club

From 15-29 June Canvas Club will be offering fun-filled arts and crafts classes for children 18 months and 13 years old.

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frame for canvas

Frame For Canvas

When my son got married, he had some wedding photos transferred onto canvas. Now he needs to make the frames.

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colours that work

Colours That Work

With many working from home, here are some popular colours that make your home office work!

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fix leaky tap

Fix Leaky Tap

A leaky tap is a wanton waste of our precious resources, and one that can be fixed in under 10 minutes.

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unblock drains

Unblock Drains

Sooner or later every homeowner will need to attend to a plumbing fix, usually a blocked drain.

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fathers day gift ideas

Great Gift Ideas

Still have no idea what to get dad for Father's Day? Check out these affordable gift ideas from Gelmar!

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weighted blankets

Weighted Blankets

There's a lot of buzz about weighted blankets and how they can reduce stress while promoting a good night's sleep.

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vadas winter special

Winter Special

Vadas Smokehouse & Bakery situated on the beautiful Spier Wine Farm will run their Winter Special until 30 August.

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week of savings

Week Of Savings!

If you're not sure what to get your dad for Father's Day, check out the tool specials at Tools4Wood.

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replace old windows

Replace Old Windows

There is a single improvement that you can add to your home that will definitely give a return on your investment.

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wood garden pathway

Lay Wood Path

When designing a garden, you want to incorporate as many interesting features as possible.

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diy water fountain

Water Feature

A water feature in your garden, even a small one, adds an interesting element that cools you down.

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how to make box cushion

Easy Box Cushion

Knowing the basics of making a box cushion lets you make your own for DIY furniture projects that you make.

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protect fasteners

Protect Fasteners

Whether building a roof for your patio or assembling furniture for outdoors, it is important that fasteners be protected.

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tork craft storage racks

Need Storage?

The new Tork Craft 3 and 6 Level Storage Racks are ideal for organising all your workshop storage.

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roof inspection services

Inspect Your Roof

The importance of a roof and its function cannot be overstated but it's possibly one of the most neglected parts of a building.

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herb display shelf

Quick Project

If you have some scrap wood lying around, use it to make this handy herb pot display for your kitchen.

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pom pom stool

Pom Pom Stool

Add a fun element to your living space with this pom pom stool made from an old tyre and colourful pom poms.

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make wind spinner

DIY Wind Spinner

Making your own wood spinner is an easy project and they look great when outdoors and left to spin in the breeze.

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howard product bundle

Today's Special

Protect all your wood accessories and wood furniture with today's special on Howard product range.

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french drain

French Drain

Torrential rains seem to be the norm these days. Make sure your garden can cope by installing a French drain.

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pallet wood ottoman

On The Cheap

While I'm not a fan of pallet wood, I do like the idea of using pallet wood for projects where you can save money.

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front garden curb appeal

Year Round Appeal

A beautiful garden shouldn't be something you enjoy only certain months. Design for year-round appeal.

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scrap wood floors

Scrap Wood Floors

There's nothing quite like a beautiful wood floor, and these wood floors are made from scrap timber and end grain.

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which timber for diy projects

Which Timber?

We offer a guide to selecting the right timber for your indoor or outdoor projects, to ensure your projects last.

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shipping container pools

Shipping Containers

There's a new trend around the globe... converting shipping containers into swimming pools.

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use drill driver as a screwdriver

Have More Control

When you need to use your drill/driver as a screwdriver, we offer some tips on how to do it the right way.

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personalised cheese board

It's Personal!

Make your gift personal with a personalised chopping, cutting or cheese board delivered direct from NetFlorist.

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look after power tool batteries

Battery Care

Power tools aren't cheap any more, so it makes sense to take care of them and extend their lifespan.

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save on kitchen reno

Save Money

If you are looking for ways to have that dream kitchen for less - think do-it-yourself - but do it right!

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fathers day

Father's Day Ideas

Eat, drink and be merry: Three excellent ways to spoil your Dad at Spier this Father’s Day

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nursery wall ideas

Feature Wall

Every new mom and dad wants the perfect nursery and we have put together a selection of feature wall ideas for you.

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choose colours for home

Perfect Palette

See how easy it is to select the perfect colour palette for your home interior based on mood and atmosphere.

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how to remove rust

Treat Rust

There aren't many homes that don't have a security gate or burglar bars, and these need to be restored when rust appears.

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build a shed

Build A Shed

I'm sure that many of you would like extra storage in the garden. Making a garden shed is an easy way to have storage.

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unusual homes

Anything But Average

From using 747 wings to an underground home, we feature some unique and unusual homes around the world.

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green roof

A Green Roof

There are plenty of benefits to having a green roof, but the installation process is involved, even with a professional.

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tempur lumbar support cushion

Gift For Dads!

The Tempur Lumbar Support Cushion and Seat Cushion are the perfect gifts for dad this Father’s Day!

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spier seaward

Spier Launches Seaward

Spier has spent two years developing a unique duo of wines that pay homage to the growing of grapes along the coast.

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build aid promotion

On Promotion

The average person isnt aware of all the pitfalls that forms part of every building project. Here’s what you need to know...

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garden signs

Decorative Touch

These decorative signs are ideal for a veggie or herb garden and will make sure you don't forget what is planted.

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