accessories for home office

The Inspired Office

If you're struggling to get back into 'work' mode after the holidays, these cute office goodies will get you back on track.

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home renovations on tight budget

Tight Budget?

It is important that you be very careful to not spend more on renovating a house than what it is likely to sell for.

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upcycle secondhand furniture

Second Time Around

Call it what you will, the trend continues for DIY enthusiasts to buy secondhand furniture to give it a new lease on life.

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cut straight

Cutting Straight

Cutting a straight line across a piece of board or timber is not an easy task, but there are ways to cut perfectly straight.

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mistakes to avoid

Mistakes To Avoid

We've all seen videos where things can go wrong, yet many of us are still guilty of making the same mistakes.

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le creuset competition

Win Le Creuset Hamper

Do you want to stand a chance at winning a Le Creuset hamper valued at R15,000? Click to find out more.

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diy mobile camping chair

Make It

This portable camping chair is a great DIY project for camping out or for when you need extra seating in the garden.

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craft organiser with recycled materials

100% Recycled

Made with plastic milk containers and cardboard boxes, this craft centre and organiser offers plenty of storage.

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Join the fun at DIY Divas

Join The Fun

Want to make your own decor accessories or custom furniture? Find out how at DIY-Divas around the country.

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wood table with epoxy resin river

Epoxy Wood Table

In this article we feature a tutorial on how to create a stunning epoxy resin river table from

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diy pine bed base for childrens bed

Sturdy Bed Base

This sturdy base is ideal for a young child and offers a unique way to decorate a bedroom for a youngster.

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design a bed childrens furniture

Place Orders Now for 2020

If you are looking to design the perfect children's bedroom - place your orders now for early delivery 2020.

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budget bedroom makeover

Budget Makeover

If your bedroom is starting to feel a bit boring, there are plenty of affordable designer tricks you can use.

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metallic mirror frame knock off

Make It

Bought for over R1000, you can easily make this mirror at a fraction of the cost with a few materials from Builders.

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diy drawer organizer

Recycle It

Use yoghurt cups to make drawer dividers, craft / hobby storage containers, makeup or jewellery organisers.

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care and maintenance for hob or stovetop

Hobs & Stovetops

Repairs to appliances are expensive, but not quite as expensive as having to buy new ones.

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aga masterchef deluxe

For The Master Chef

AGA Masterchef Deluxe is the epitome of understated elegance, perfect for anybody who aspires of owning an AGA.

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weatherproof roof

Roof Leaking?

If you haven't taken a close look at your roof for some time, don't wait for leaks to fall on your head before you do.

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which paint brush

Paintbrush 101

Today, paintbrushes are manufactured to the highest standards and it pays to invest in the best quality.

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tile kitchen backsplash

Weekend DIY

Got some spare time this weekend? Why not add a splashback to your kitchen or bathroom?

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tork craft magnifier

Detailed Precision

Tork Craft’s new magnifying LED rechargeable desk lamp for the home, workshops hobbyists and DIYers

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asbestos removal

Asbestos Removal

Since asbestos is dangerous for all, we should be well aware of the risks associated while removing.

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pure polished water

Pure Polished Water

Clinobrite is an all-natural Zeolite filter medium that removes 40% to 50% more dirt than sand or glass filter media.

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steak masterclass


This summer, a renowned grill room and the country’s oldest cookery school collab on Steak Masterclasses

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sensory room ideas

Sensory Room

Setting up a sensory room is essential to aid in the developmental skills of children, whether they have special needs or not.

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how to keep outdoor cushions dry

Quick Tip

A sudden shower, an unexpected downpour; here's an easy way to protect outdoor cushions to keep them dry.

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more uses for household bleach

Did You Know?

We have come to trust the germ-killing power of it, but there are many other ways to use household bleach.

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how to retaining wall

Retaining Wall

Retaining walls are great problem-solvers for a sloped garden, preventing erosion and stopping excess water flow.

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photo book for lasting memories

Lasting Memories

What better way to create lasting memories than with a photo book to share with family and friends.

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declutter kitchen cabinets

Declutter And Sort

I am into the next phase of my kitchen reno that requires a total declutter of all my cupboards, so I'm sharing some tips.

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chalk paint chair transformation

Paint It!

Use Napoleonic Blue Chalk Paint to quickly transform a pine chair into a playful piece that adds a splash of colour.

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