dishwasher tips

Dishwasher Tips

Dishwashers have become popular appliances in the kitchen but are you using yours correctly?

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circular kitchen islands

Circular Islands

Kitchens have evolved and it's nice to see a bit of unusual design appearing in the otherwise square spaces of a kitchen.

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lignum wooden lounger chair

Concept To Product

Being able to design and create your own range of furniture is something that every DIY enthusiast / woodworker dreams of.

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cosy winter bedroom

Cosy Bedroom

Wherever you live, winters can get pretty chilly. We look at simple ways to create a cosy bedroom.

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cape town homemakers

Design Competition

Design, Art and Textile Design ComPETition, benefitting pets less fortunate with R50 000 in prize money.

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sharpie easter crafts

Sharpie Easter

Sharpie pens are great for projects but are also a fun way to decorate Easter eggs with intricate designs and colours.

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Easter Crafts for  the family

Fun For The Family

It is Easter holidays and we put together a selection of Easter crafts for the whole family.

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plants for bathrooms

Plants For Bathrooms

Add some love to your bathroom with a potted plant or two that love shade and thrive on humidity.

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paella recipe

Paella With A Twist

Chef Boldwin Barlow, from Park Inn by Radisson, shares his delectable twist on the classical Paella recipe.

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rockler hardware on special

On Special

Tools4Wood are currently offering a special on all Rockler tools. A wide range of innovative woodworking products.

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ideas for knife blocks

Knife Blocks

Every home cook uses knives. Instead of keeping them in a drawer, here are some DIY knife block ideas.

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pros and cons of wooden countertops

Pros And Cons

There is something about butcher block and wooden countertops that add rustic charm to a kitchen.

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make wooden countertops

Wood Countertops

When making and installing wooden countertops, make sure you have the right information before you begin.

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plastic bottle tool caddy

Handy Tool Caddy

Here's a wonderful way to recycle plastic bottles and make a handy tool caddy for your home workshop.

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bondhus wrenches

Bondhus Balldriver

Bondhus - creators of the revolutionary pivot head wrenches and the ingenious New Stubby Double Ball L-Wrenches.

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dont paint floor tiles

Paint Floor Tiles?

Despite the fact that we do feature a couple of projects for painting tiled floors, you should not paint tiled floors.

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diy lighting ideas

Boho Lighting Ideas

Boho style is popular and allows you to consider so many options for making your own DIY lamp and light shades.

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organise bedroom

Organise A Bedroom

While most rooms tend to collect clutter, one room more than others can quickly become filled with clutter.

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alpen tss5 masonry

Drill Into Masonry

Alpen Long-Life hammer action drill bits are profile milled and offer a high-performance tungsten carbide drill bit set.

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sustainable vegetable garden

Grow Sustainably

Many homeowners with gardens are looking for ways to turn them into sustainable gardens.

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weekend makeover for bathroom

Weekend Makeover

Give your bathroom a mini makeover with some paint and new hardware that will add a brand new look.

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grip adjustable corner clamp

Extra Pair Of Hands

When working on your own to assemble DIY projects, the Grip adjustable corner clamp is an extra pair of hands.

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nursery striped wall

Colourful Stripes

If you can't decide on a scheme for a nursery, these colourful stripes will add a lot of visual interest.

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diy shoe rack bench

Shoe Rack Bench

Very few SA homes have what they call a 'mud room' but this shoes rack is perfect for an entrance or next to a back door.

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install laminate wood floor

Laminate Flooring

If you are thinking of installing laminate flooring you will find these helpful tips useful when tackling the installation.

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tennis balls in tumble dryer

Quick Tip

For freshly fluffed-up laundry, add a tennis ball or two to your tumble dryer and see the difference.

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bosch cleaners on special

Today's Special

When you need to keep a workshop or job site clean, Bosch has the right solutions for you!

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choose the right sander

Choose A Sander

There is a sander for every project, but finding the right sander helps you get the job done faster and more effectively.

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kiddies fold-down desk

Fold-Down Kids Desk

This drop-leaf or fold-down desk is perfect for a child's bedroom and folds neatly out of the way when not in use.

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pony clamps

Quality Adjustable Clamps

Pony Jorgensen offer a full range of Pipe, Bar, C, Spring/hand, Band, Corner/frame and specialised clamps.

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aga fireplaces

Heat A Home With AGA

The winter chill has definitely begun. The AGA fireplaces are an ideal winter companion (and a firm favourite for pets).

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leaves foor for gardens

Food For Gardens

As the leaves start to fall from the trees, don't remove this - it makes an excellent organic mulch for a garden.

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prepare garden for winter

Prepare For Winter

This weekend we had the first signs that winter isn't far away, so now is the time to prepare your garden for winter.

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easy door joinery

Easy Door Joinery

If you plan on making kitchen cabinet doors - here's a great tip to create easy, sturdy joints with a biscuit joiner.

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jigsaw cutting station

Jigsaw Cutting Station

When using a jigsaw, one thing that many beginner DIY enthusiasts battle with is cutting a straight edge.

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kiddies book box

Kids Book Box

Make a kiddies book box that allows any young child access to their favourite bedtime books, or use for toy storage.

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easter lace eggs

Easter Lace Eggs

If you own a Dremel Multitool, you will already know how much fun it can be for crafts and hobbies.

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outdoor furniture

Outdoor Furniture

Summer might be over but if you need outdoor furniture, now is the time to shop around for comfort and durability.

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make a no mess pour nozzle

No More Mess!

Recycle a plastic cold drink bottle into a no-mess pour nozzle and forget about cleaning up spills.

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exposed brick features


Plenty of homes have face brick walls that aren't necessarily a feature but you can turn them into a focal point.

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crafts with wallpaper

Wallpaper Ideas

Wallpaper isn't just for walls - we found some crafty ways to use wallpaper to introduce a pop of colour and pattern.

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storm proof a home

Stormproof A Home

Homeowners need to stay constantly alert to any minor repairs that need to be attended to.

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colourful dining rooms

Bold & Beautiful

If your dining room is plain, it doesn't take too much effort to give a dining table or dining chairs a new look with paint.

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dowel mug holder

Quick Project

Made using inexpensive pine dowels, this DIY coffee mug stand is great for next to your kettle, or in a coffee station.

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gelmar new website

New Website For Gelmar

If you haven't recently visited the Gelmar website you are going to be surprised with a brand new look and more!

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diy tool storage stool

Tools Storage Stool

This handy tool storage stool is ideal for when you need to do projects in and around the home.

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tools 4 wood special

Today's Special

Treat yourself to the Kreg Jig K5 Master System on special - today only - at R2879.00 including delivery.

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seafood soup

Signature Dish

The delectable combination of fish and fragrant spices make it a most impressive starter.

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office organiser

Wall Organiser

Recycle plastic shampoo or cleaning bottles to make this handy organiser for your home office, craft or hobby room.

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gav professional airline tool range

Airline Tools

GAV Air Technology can meet any type of requirement and application in the compressed air sector.

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make a sofa

Make A Sofa

Need a new sofa? Make your own sofa to fit into your living space, in the fabric of your choice.

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create private haven in garden

Private Haven

We all love spending time outdoors but it isn't fun when you have nosey neighbours peering over the fence.

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mobile folding workbench

Folding Workbench

This mobile fold-up workbench is perfect for anyone who doesn't have a designated workshop for all their DIY projects.

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hot glue gun hack

Quick Project

Everyone has clothes that slide off the coat hanger. This quick tip will ensure that all your clothes stay on the hanger.

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recycle cardboard boxes

Cardboard Rope Baskets

Recycle cardboard boxes into practical storage baskets with rope or twine for affordable home storage.

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herman miller tilt chair

Automatic Tilt

Designed by Berlin-based Studio 7.5, Cosm is Herman Miller’s first task chair with an automatic tilt.

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how to make mobile toy box

Fun On Wheels

This mobile toy box makes playtime fun and tidying up even easier, and your child can also learn while they play.

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affordable bathroom makeover

Bathroom Before & After

This before and after bathroom makeover shows how you CAN afford to give any bathroom an instant update.

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make wooden trestles

Make Or Buy Trestles

Trestles are easy to make we can make a pair for you in any size and stain according to your preference.

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diy drawer organiser

Drawer Organiser

Here's a practical way to organise your drawers and keep them organised with an easy to make drawer divider.

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recycle plastic bottles

Bathroom Caddy

Here's a fun way to recycle plastic bottles to make attractive storage caddies for a bathroom.

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build outdoor sofa

Build Outdoor Seating

This custom outdoor sofa is definitely going on my 'To Do' list as a future project for my outdoor entertaining area.

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easter craft ideas for family

Easter Crafts

We've compiled a selection of easy, affordable Easter crafts that the whole family can get involved with.

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healthy easter treats

Healthy Easter Treat

Easter can be a trying time for parents. Try these healthy yoghurt snacks for an Easter treat.

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cutie pom pom bunnies

Easter Bunnies

Here's a fun craft that the kids can do over the holidays - these pom pom bunnies are cute and easy to make.

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easter garland

Salt Dough Garland

Start crafting for Easter with this adorable and affordable salt dough Easter garland made using salt and flour.

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easter feast

Easter Feast

This Easter enjoy a superb roast, with potatoes and Yorkshire Pudding, courtesy of AGA.

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