A coffee can becomes a feather wind chime using the Dremel Micro

Dremel asked me to come up with a project idea for Mother's Day using the Dremel Micro Multitool. This wind chime has delicate feathers cut from an old aluminium coffee can using the Dremel Micro Multitool and accessories included as part of the complete kit.


Put those old summer t-shirts to good use

This weekend it was time to shop for clothes for the cooler weather. It was also time to sort out my drawers to make space for new clothes, which brought to mind a fun way to re-purpose old t-shirts into rugs for the home.


Re-purposed beanbag becomes comfy pouff

Re-purpose an old and worn beanbag into a practical pouff finishing in the fabric of your choice. From a single beanbag you can easily make 4 to 5 comfortable pouffs for the home.


Recycled glass food jar vases

Recycling is still not a countrywide priority and in my area I prefer to recycle or upcycle as much household waste as possible. For this project I recycled glass food jars into colourful vases with Rust-Oleum 2X spray paint.


Recycled aluminium can roses

Turn aluminium cans into beautiful everlasting roses. This is a fun and creative way to recycle aluminium cans into something different.



Recycled cardboard bird figurines

If you're looking for something different to relieve your stress, what about combining recycling and crafts by making these beautiful birds from cardboard boxes.



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Practical fold-up ironing table

This handy ironing table is made using from a fold-up table and perfect when you need to iron in a cramped space. Great for a small craft room, or to have close at hand when doing sewing projects.


Recycled pot organic waste bin

Here's an easy way to keep your kitchen countertops clean by recycling an old saucepan or pot into a organic waste bin.



Revamp an old mirror

Don't throw out an old, scratched mirror when you can touch it up with Rust-Oleum Mirror Effect spray and then add a dash of glam with glass mosaic pebbles.



Oil barrels turned into cabinets

German designers Lockengeloet have taken the idea of recycling oil barrels to a new level, with a range of oil barrels that can be used as a storage cabinet, a mini bar, and even a media centre.


Recycled items for kitchens

Recycling is a trend that is more than a passing fad. Around the world people are looking at ways to re-purpose and re-use household items to create recycled home decor that is beautiful and practical.


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What can you do with a tree stump left in the garden

Using a tree feller can cost anywhere from R2000 - and that's just to cut the tree down. That means you are left with a stump, unless you plan on digging up the entire garden to remove the stump and its roots.


Pringles container = gift box

Recycle a pringles container into a decorative gift box that can be embellished for any occasion.



Old garden shed becomes children's playhouse

Having just demolished my old garden shed to make way for a veggie garden, this project that turns an old shed or garden hut into a children's playhouse struck me as a wonderful way to re-purpose a hut or shed rather than throw away. With a few supplies that you will find at your local Builders Warehouse you can create an area where children an spend hours during the summer months.

Reclaimed wood fireplace surround

I'm sure there are many homeowners out there who will appreciate this feature showing ideas on how to clad a fireplace with reclaimed wood. There are more than a few dated and old fashioned fireplaces that could do with covering up, and why not make use of reclaimed wood.


Repurpose old socks and woolens

Here are some fun ideas for re-purposing woolens and socks. I know I always end up with more than a few mismatched socks and kids very quickly grow out of their winter woollies. Rather than throw these away, try your hand at one or two of these fun projects.


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Recycled bottles into vintage decor accessories

I have a habit of not throwing anything away until I have run out of options for upcycling. Glass bottles are one of my favourite and I have a cupboard full of bottles, containers and jars waiting to become projects. This time I dug out some old tequila bottles that have been lying around for 20 odd years! 


Baking powder tins into salt and pepper shakers

Having recently relocated all my spices into my new spice rack I needed salt and pepper shakers for the countertop. My kitchen has red accents and the dining room teal, so I recycled baking powder tins into large salt and pepper shakers in teal and heirloom white to tie the colours in the two open spaces together. 


Biscuit tin turned into vintage sewing kit

Turn a plain biscuit tin into a wonderful decor accessory or sewing kit using a few bits from your sewing box. This simple project shows how easily you can transform everyday items that would normally be thrown away into something useful.


Reclaimed wood towel ladder

Ever since I acquired a couple of wood pallets I have been on a high making various projects using the reclaimed wood pallets. This ladder towel rack is a quick and very easy project to make and I have added some tips and tricks for finishing the reclaimed wood towel ladder at the bottom.

Reclaimed wood bedside cabinet

There are plenty of ways to use a reclaimed wood pallet for furniture. In this project you can make a couple of bedside cabinets using a wood pallet - or you can pop into your local Builders Warehouse and grab some PAR pine to make one. If you want to age the piece so that it replicates the look of old wood, you will find plenty of techniques in the Home-Dzine Decorating section.

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Reclaimed wood herb or plant stand

I still have a few pieces of reclaimed wood leftover from some pallets I managed to get my hands on. Knowing that I still needed to do a project for easyDIY magazine, I thought it might be nice to make a herb of plant stand using the leftover bits of reclaimed wood and some old drawers that I have been wanting to use.


Home decor that costs you cents!

The other day I was cleaning out old drawers and stumbled upon a jar of one and two cent pieces... remember those! Since this old currency is now useless, I didn't want to throw it away but had no idea what to do with it. How's this idea for vamping up an old vase using cent pieces.


Ideas using reclaimed or salvaged window frames

We have looked at ways to re-purpose a reclaimed door, or how to re-purpose old drawers, so how about even more ideas for repurposing a window frame. Take a Sunday drive out into the country and pop into vintage dealers, pawn shops and secondhand stores to pick up a window frame or two and be creative...


Crafty ways to use aluminium cans

There are still many areas around the country that haven't yet implemented recycling procedures for household waste. This project shows how you can use aluminium cans to make trinket boxes, decorative walls tiles and other items that cost nothing and look great.


Recycled aluminium cans create stunning mosaics

Artist Jill Helms creates the most beautiful mosaic pieces using bits and pieces of aluminium cans that she collection. Lots of tiny pieces of aluminum cans are scattered about her studio workspace when creating a new piece of mosaic art.


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Colourful hanging curtain made from plastic bottle tops

I have seen some amazing ways to recycle plastic bottle caps, but I do love this idea that uses recycled plastic bottle caps to make a curtain. The colourful plastic bottle caps are arranged to form a wave design that look stunning against the red and yellow background.


Recycled plastic bottle lamp shades

After breaking a glass shade on my kitchen pendant, trying to find a replacement shade proved impossible. Time to take a look through my collection of plastic bottles to see if I can come up with an alternative to recycle plastic bottles into replacement lampshades!


Reclaimed wood wine rack for two!

This wine rack for two is perfect for those that only drink the occasional bottle of wine. It's also a great project to make if you are looking for gift ideas. Made using reclaimed wood, the wine rack accommodates one bottle of wine and two glasses, and takes up very little space.


Reclaimed pallet bird feeder

Winter is almost upon us and I thought this might be a nice time to put some reclaimed wood pallets to good use. I picked these up a while ago and have been looking for an excuse to use them. Making a bird feeder using reclaimed wood pallets seems like a good idea and I will be able to feed our local wildlife at the same time!


Recycle plastic tub lids into coasters

Having just completed an easy DIY project for making coasters and place mats using jute or rope, I still had some rope left over and decided to use this in another way. Upcycle the lids from plastic tubs or containers into coasters - just another easy way to recycle plastic in a home.


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One man's treasure...

With so much emphasis being placed on recycling and repurposing old stuff into practical piece, what some may throw away as junk might be just what you are looking for! Turning one man's junk into treasured pieces for a home is fun and you get to create one-of-a-kind decor to boot.


Repurpose a drawers

If you have an old dresser or chest of drawers that is no longer of any practical value, perhaps it is made out of veneered chipboard or is beyond repair, you will probably find that the drawers can still come in useful. Even though the frame of a cabinet might be veneered chipboard, the drawers are usually manufactured out of genuine wood. Here are a few ideas for repurposing old drawers...

Ideas for using an old door... or two!

When changing the doors in a home it seems such a waste to throw them away. Secondhand stores, antique shops and salvage yards, as well as online auctions and classifieds are full of wonderful old doors that can be given a new life in so many different ways. If you have an old door that you can't bear to throw out, take a look at some of the ways to repurpose doors.


Yoghurt cup drawer divider or organiser

Use yoghurt cups to make drawer dividers, craft and hobby storage containers, makeup or jewellery organisers. All you need is a tray of yoghurt cups, a glue gun and a can of Rust-Oleum 2X spray paint to make nifty organisers that you can use for storage. Using yoghurt cups is an ideal way to recycle this plastic waste and put it to good use.


Mosaic frame with recycled CDs

Ha! I knew that old pile of CDs would come in handy one day. Use CDs and glass paint to make colourful mosaic picture frames, or decorate plain boxes with a mosaic pattern. Dig out your old CDs and get crafting this weekend.


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