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Repurpose or reuse milk bottles into nifty storage containers


There are so many creative ideas on the Internet on how to repurpose or reuse plastic milk bottles. While some go beyond ridiculous, there are a few that I would definitely make use of in my own home.


milk bottle containers


How cute are the milk bottle storage cntainers from sherbet blossom. I can think of so many ways to use this design for storage. They would also be perfect as small snack lunchboxes for the kids.


milk bottle storage


The storage containers use small velcro dots to keep the lid closed and I decided to make one that doesn't need any added closure... you simply cut a small flap to keep the lid closed.


1. Cut the milk bottle into two sections as shown below. You don't have to be neat here, as you still need to do a bit more cutting.


repurpose milk bottle


2. There are so many ways to fold a milk bottle storage container. Mine folds longways and has a flap on the short edge of the bottle. There is also a great tutorial on Upcycle that has flaps that are kept closed with ribbon. Who knows, you may come up with an even better way to cut and fold.


reuse milk bottle


3. To keep the lid closed all you need to do is cut a slot in the front flap and a slit in the front.


ideas milk bottle


Don't throw away empty milk bottles, instead turn them into handy storage containers that you can reuse and repurpose.


milk bottle gift box


More ideas for using plastic milk bottles for storage containers in the home.



Here's another great way to repurpose and reuse milk bottles, this one from sew many ways. Cut them so that they can be mounted onto a PVC or chrome pipe and be used to store craft or sewing essentials.



Over at craft werk, a plastic milk bottles is repurposed into an ingenious holder for cellphone and charging accessories.



Another project from upcycle uses a plastic milk bottle to make this cute serviette holder. Great idea for picnics and outdoor entertaining.