Install a Washing Machine

When buying a new washing machine you want to make sure it is installed properly, for maximum output and efficiency.



Fix loose or broken drawer fronts

From time to time every kitchen needs a bit of maintenance to keep it in good condition. Here’s a quick guide for fixing loose or broken drawer fronts and re-attaching cabinet hinges.



Replace broken tile

Chipped, cracked or broken tiles are a fact of life and that's why it is important that you always order extra tiles. Replacing a damaged tile is easy if you already have some spare.



Fix loose or broken cabinet hinges

Euro or concealed hinges are standard fittings for most kitchen cabinet or closet doors. Over time, a hinge plate will become lose due to wear and tear. If this happens, you can re-fix the cabinet hinge above or below its existing position.



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Affordable ways to fix up a kitchen

There are so many ways to renovate a kitchen and this article is specifically for those on a very limited budget who are looking to renovate a kitchen without spending too much.



Paint kitchen appliances

You can paint a fridge, freezer, washing machine, tumble dryer or any appliance in the home if you use Rust-Oleum Appliance Epoxy spray. You will find Rust-Oleum Appliance Epoxy spray on the shelf at your local Builders Warehouse and it's available in a variety of colours.



Adjust concealed or Euro cabinet hinges

When installing concealed hinges, also known as Euro hinges, it's great to know that these hinges have various adjustment points. You can adjust the top/bottom alignment, as well as side-to-side alignment.



Countertops beyond repair?

Bet you didn't know that a new Formica Lifeseal countertop will only cost you around R850 for a 3,6 metre length. Not bad when you think that this is long enough for most small kitchens.



How to clean stainless steel

Stainless steel appliances look stunning in a modern or contemporary kitchen. Their sleek lines add style and elegance to even the smallest kitchen. The only downside of stainless steel is that it tends to show every little bit of grime and grease.



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Easy DIY cabinet or cupboard repairs

While most modern fitted kitchens are designed to withstand constant use and abuse, an older kitchen may be taking strain. We have put together some quick and easy do-it-yourself repairs you can tackle in a day.



Renew damaged kitchen countertops

It's fairly easy to restore a damaged Formica or melamine countertop if you don't want to go to the trouble of replacing. A couple of cans of Rust-Oleum spray polyurethane varnish and some elbow grease are required!



Removing and replacing a broken tile

Broken, cracked or chipped tiles can occur at any time. While broken tiles can be caused by accidents, they can also occur as a result of poor preparation before laying, insufficient tile adhesive underneath or behind the tile, or ground movement.



How to remove and replace tile grout

Over time tile grout can become stained, cracked or comes lose. We show you how to remove and replace tile grout.



Restore wood kitchen cabinets

We have done several articles that deal with painted cabinets, but not everyone wants to paint their wood kitchen. A wood kitchen is not only beautiful to look at it also adds a value and unique character to a home.



Care for butchers block

Butcher blocks should be finished regularly with a mineral oil and a beeswax coating to maintain their beauty and keep the wood from warping and cracking.

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Understand your home plumbing

Unless you can afford to fork out every time something goes wrong in your home, it pays to know a few plumbing basics just in case ...

Quick fixes for a home

There are certain jobs in and around the home that can be tackled easily and quickly. Here's a quick round up of DIY products that are helpful to have at home in case of an emergency DIY fix up.

Why do drains block?

Most blockages are due to poor maintenance and bad habits, and while a twice yearly inspection may not stop blockages entirely, it will prevent a big build up that could cause flooding.

How to fix a chipped floor tile

I am sure that there are many homeowners out there who have at least one tile in their home that has been chipped. How do you repair a chipped tile? Here's how...

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