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How to adjust concealed cabinet hinges

When installing concealed hinges, also known as Euro hinges, it's great to know that these hinges have various adjustment points. You can adjust the top/bottom alignment, as well as side-to-side alignment.


All you need to adjust concealed hinges is a regular Phillips screwdriver or a cordless screwdriver.

Adjust the height of the doors by loosening the two screws holding the mounting plate, change the height then tighten the screws. These screws are in a slotted groove, which means you can adjust up or down by a few millimetres.





If the door does not close properly or catches on the frame, adjust the setting that moves the door backwards and forwards until the door closes. This adjustments also aligns the door to sit flush with an adjacent door.

Fine tune the angle if the gaps at the side are too wide by turning the centre screw slightly. As you tighten or loosen this screw you will see that the door goes up or down. Make sure that top and bottom hinges are set at the same width adjustment.

stuart scott via fresh home ideas