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Fix loose or broken drawer fronts

From time to time every kitchen needs a bit of maintenance to keep it in good condition. Here’s a quick guide for fixing loose or broken drawer fronts and re-attaching cabinet hinges.


Loose or broken drawer fronts are a common occurrence. When you think how much use these have on a daily basis, sooner or later screws are going to come loose. If you are not planning to replace cabinets in the near future, an easy and permanent way to fix loose drawers is to remove them to do repairs.

An epoxy putty such as Alcolin QuikWood is perfect for filling in previously drilled screw holes. The epoxy putty hardens quickly.

When kneading or applying putty it is easier to handle and work with if you keep your fingers wet.

After allowing the epoxy putty to cure according to the manufacturer’s recommended instructions, you can screw the drawer fronts back onto the drawer.  


Good as new... A single stick of Alcolin QuikWood and you can easily and affordably repair your kitchen cabinets. 

You can also use Alcolin QuikWood epoxy putty to re-attach loose hinges, or hinges where the screw holes have stripped. You can tint epoxy putty to almost any colour using a small amount of artist’s oil paint.


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