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Top tips for a kitchen renovation

There are so many ways to renovate a kitchen and this article is specifically for those on a very limited budget who are looking to renovate a kitchen without spending too much.


If you are planning to renovate a kitchen on a tight budget, you don't have to do everything in one go... do each project as and when you have the money available.

1. You can paint steel cabinets

RDP homes comes with the basics, and that normally means steel kitchen cabinets. Some older homes, especially those from the 70's, can also have steel cabinets. If these are in fairly good order you can easily spray them for a brand new look - and a brand new kitchen.

Use a multi sander and 80-grit sanding pads to remove all the paint on the outside and inside of the cabinets. A multi sander is the better option for steel cabinets as it allows you to get into corners and tight areas, plus it has a finger pad for sanding small areas.

Treat any rust with Rust-Oleum Stops Rust (find at your local Builders Warehouse). This neutralises rust and prevents further damage to the metalwork. Use Rust-Oleum Protective Gloss Enamel on the inside and outside of the cabinets. If you cannot take the cabinets outdoors to spray them, be sure to open windows and doors for air ventilation. Only spray on light, even coats and allow each coat to dry completely before spraying on a second coat.

2. Small details add big impact

Don't settle for boring if you can go bold, especially when it comes to a kitchen splashback. It might be a small area, but by adding the right details you can update a kitchen in a day with the right tiles.

Mosaic tiles comes in a variety of materials and styles. You can choose mosaic tiles that have a faux or natural rock or stone finish, mosaic tiles with a mirrored finish, or ceramic and glass mosaic tiles. What's nice is that you can choose the style of tile that fits in with your budget - no matter how small.

If the existing tiles are in good condition and you don't want the hassle of removing them, you can apply mosaic tiles over the top of the existing tiles. This is not generally a recommended option but is a do-able option. It's best to do this where an extra layer of tiles won't interfere with plug points and light points, etc., so bear this in mind.

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3. Paint a kitchen modern

Don't underestimate what paint can do for a kitchen renovation. Costing around R350 per tin, you can completely transform a kitchen in a day.

If you plan to paint tiles, don't waste time and money or products that will only last a year or two, use a product such as Rust-Oleum Tub & Tile kit for lasting results. This product is an epoxy paint that bonds with the tile and won't peel off if applied according to the instructions.

For painting of kitchen walls you need a paint that is scrubbable and easy to keep clean. Steer clear of matt or flat paints and go for paints that have a satin or sheen factor. These paints are far more durable and can be washed regularly. It's important to spend time on preparation before painting, so that walls are squeaky clean before you apply paint.

If you're a fan of Home-Dzine you know by now that kitchen cupboards and cabinets can be painted. There are numerous articles in the Kitchen section that look at the various options for painted cabinets. Again, paint offers you an affordable way to modernise dated kitchen cabinets.

And don't forget that even ugly appliances can be painted. Don't ditch a perfectly good fridge because it's scratched - give it a coat or two of paint!

4. Knock down and open up

Modern home designs incorporate the kitchen as part of the home, not as a closed off room stuck out of sight in a corner. If you have the opportunity to knock down walls you will not only have a kitchen that feels larger than it is, you will also enjoy spending time in it.

An open plan kitchen allows interaction with the rest of the home. If you have a breakfast bar are kitchen island, friends and family will gather to share news. An open plan kitchen really is the 'heart' of a home.

Before you go knocking down walls, check that walls are not load-bearing. If you don't know the difference, it pays to get a professional in for expert advice. They will be able to tell you if walls are load-bearing or not, and if they are, make suggestions as to the best way to support and remove.