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Spray Paint Laminate Countertops for Lasting Finish

So you would like to spray paint your laminate countertops and want a method that gives long-lasting results? You've come to the right place!



When you are desperately wanting to give your laminate countertops - in kitchen or bathroom - a new look, spray paint offers an affordable option over epoxy paint. However, while spray painting will give a lasting makeover, it's not a permanent one. Even epoxy paint isn't a long-lasting finish and is considered a temperature fix. The best method for giving your laminate countertops a makeover is to rip them out and install new countertops.

Spray painting your laminate countertops will cost around R600 for a small-sized kitchen, epoxy paint will come in at just under R1000 for the same size kitchen. Replacing old countertops with new will cost around R800 per 3.6 metre length of laminate or Formica countertop. Work it out and you will see it is more affordable to replace rather than paint. However, if you are still determined to paint that grubby, old fashioned laminate countertop, here goes...








No matter whether you are applying a primer or a paint that includes a primer, sanding beforehand is the key to a lasting paint project. Simply by sanding the surface of the countertop with a random orbital sander and 180-grit sandpaper you will scuff up the surface enough for paint to grip to without seeing any scratches. It's not an optional step, it's just the right step to sand before you paint if you want the paint to stick for a long time.



Since the Rust-Oleum Countertop Kit is not available locally (and this is probably the best product to use), the next best would be to use a gloss or lacquer spray paint. For this project, you can choose between a Rust-Oleum Spray Enamel or Spray Lacquer products, or even a Rust-Oleum Automotive Spray. These spray paints are more paint than solvent and formulated to be tough, which is what you want for a finish on a countertop.



Quality spray paint, we recommend Rust-Oleum products

Newspaper or plastic cover

Painter's tape










1. Because you are using spray paint, you will need to spend a fair bit of time covering up any fixtures, fittings, walls, cupboards or more with plastic or newspaper and painter's tape. Don't use masking tape as it doesn't have enough tack to hold anything for very long and you don't want overspray on anything not being painted. Also, put a drop cloth down to protect your flooring.








2. Open windows and doors for maximum ventilation.

3. Whatever spray paint you use, be sure to shake the can well before and during use.

4. Spray light even coats over the surface of the countertop, overlapping each stroke with the previous stroke. Work from one end of the countertop to the other to apply a solid first coat. Let this coat dry thoroughly before applying a second or any additional coats.


NOTE: Painting kitchen countertops does not provide a long-lasting finish, but should see you through until you save up to replace the old countertops. DO use cutting boards whenever prepping or cutting foodstuffs.




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