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Craft ideas for Mother's Day

Mother's Day is coming up on Sunday 14th May. If you're still hunting for a gift idea, we put together a collection of crafty DIY projects you can make.


Make an Upholstered Ottoman

First on our list is a recent addition to our DIY Divas workshops - to make a storage or circular upholstered ottoman. You only new a few basic tools to make an upholstered ottoman, and the project will take no more than a couple of hours tops. Upholster in a fabric that your mom will love. Click on the link to make a circular ottoman or a storage ottoman.

Flower Arrangment in Decorative Vase

Instead of a simple bouquet of fresh flowers, we offer some gorgeous ideas for making a decorative vase that mom can keep forever. From wrapping a glass vase with satin ribbon, to vases wrapped with burlap and lace, click here to give flowers a personal touch.

Engrave on Glass, Steel or Wood

If you own a Dremel MultiTool, engraving on glass, steel or wood allows you to create a truly personal gift. In our Dremel Craft section you will find many ideas for putting your Dremel MultiTool to good use for making gifts for Mother's Day and other special events and occasions. Click for instructions to engrave a stainless steel platter or tray.

Also in our Dremel Crafts section are a variety of crafts that use a Dremel VersaTip (soldering iron) or VersaFlame (blowtorch) for personalised gifts. Click to step-by-step instructions to make a trinket box with personalised wording that you can make for Mother's Day or Father's Day.

Cupcake Succulent Planters

Succulents are easy plants that look stunning when planted up in decorative pots. Make concrete cupcake planters and fill with colourful succulents - or air plants - that will last much longer than fresh flowers.

There are plenty more ideas using concrete in our Garden Crafts section. You can make colourful, personalised stepping stones or concrete planters and water features, or painted terracotta pots planted up with mom's favourite plants..

Candle Holders and Votives

In our Rust-Oleum Crafts you will find ideas for using Rust-Oleum spray paint for a variety of crafty projects, including how to make decorative candle holders and practical storage containers. You will find a wide selection of Rust-Oleum spray products at your nearest Builders.

Gift Ideas with Air-Dry Clay

Visit our Decor Craft section for gift ideas using air-dry clay, reclaimed wood or recycled materials. We recently featured air-dry clay coasters decorated with colourful Sharpie pens - quick and easy to make. You will also find ideas for using paper to craft unique gifts such as paper lanterns, crepe paper flowers, and paper mache vases.

Rope Baskets

Pop into your local Builders or hardware store to buy sash cord or rope to make a pretty basket. Mom can fill this with silk or dried flowers or use it for handy storage in a bathroom, for makeup or beauty esssentials. 

Use Recycled Materials

If you like to use what you have, or recycle materials, our Recycled Crafts is filled with ideas. Upcycle plastic food containers into a sewing kit that mom will find useful and beautiful to look at, or decorate with bits and bobs for keepsakes or trinkets. Click here to make the sewing kit shown above.

Delicate Enamel Wire Flowers

We are revisiting an old project to make beautiful, delicate wire and enamel flowers using nail varnish. A steady hand and paitence are needed, but the result is oh so worth it. Choose pastel shades of nail varnish in different hues to make a delicate bouquet of flowers for display.

If that's not enough to inspire you... there are hundreds more ideas in our Craft and DIY sections!


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