Give your home a new look

Instead of getting out the dusters and cleaning equipment, why not use the time to give your home a makeover instead. Spring is just around the corner and you can combine decorating with spring cleaning - and get the two tasks done at the same time!


Colour Your Walls
Completely transform your room with just a few litres of paint. Try a fresh shade, and watch how it transforms all your existing furniture. Paint costs so little compared to how much you get in return. Pop into your local Prominent Paints store, or Decorating Centre and let the helpful staff guide you with your colour choice and the perfect paint.

You can easily create your own wall art. Make your own unique canvas art to match you decor style. We even show you how to make your own canvas frames! Or fake it with a colour-blocked wall!

Rethink What You Have
It costs nothing to reassess what your room already looks like. Why not move a few pieces around for a completely new look. They say that a change is as good as a holiday!

Sometimes a fresh approach encourages you to get rid of tired pieces that drag your space down. Or you could consider giving them a makeover with a few coats of paint and some new hardware.

Do you really need everything you see? Does everything have a purpose and a special meaning to you? If not, then give it away. I promise, less is more.

Choose Lighting Wisely
Adding dimmers to your space offers dimension and mood at very little cost. Or buy a fresh shade for your lamp. Consider replacing mismatched floor lamps with two, new matching lamps. Place one on either side of your sofa or bed, and see how the room suddenly has cohesive style.

Update Your Cushions
Can't afford a new sofa? There are dozens of affordable, fabulous cushions that are one of a kind and will zip up your space instantaneously.



If you're feeling creating, find out how to transform plain cushions with a little paint!

Try a Mirror
Can't afford art? You can find unique mirrors at discount stores or vintage shops that, when grouped together, will bring elegance and personality to even the smallest of spaces. We'll even show you how to make antique-looking frames that cost practically nothing!

Recover and Renew
If you can't afford to buy a new chair? Give your existing one a makeover by recovering it in a new pattern. Get a little daring and see how a simple chair can be completely transformed. Or even better, make your own chairs, add an upholstered seat and throw over a slipcover.

Add Window Treatments
Check out every window in your house. Window treatments are instrumental in bringing dimension - not to mention light - into a room. You can revamp any space by simply investing in new curtains or blinds: Go for velvet or a bold pattern in a smaller room to give a luxe jewel-box effect. Elegant yet simple curtains for spaces can often offer all the change you need.

Update and Refresh
If you're still using towels and linen that you purchased when you first got married, perhaps it's time to toss out and refresh. Most plain, white bathrooms welcome a splash of colour, and you can spoil yourself in the luxury of soft, fluffy towels.