Add A Mosaic Splash To Your Indoor Garden

With Fimo clay, you can be as creative as you want, and these colourful faux mosaic plant pots and trays will add a splash of colour to a coffee table or kitchen herb garden on a windowsill.

Add Mosaic to a Side Table

See how easy it is to add a mosaic design to a side table, or any piece of furniture.

Mosaic zebra tabletop with leftover tiles

Here's a wonderful way to put leftover tiles to good use... making a mosaic tabletop. Even if you don't have any leftover tiles, a few small, plain tiles are inexpensive enough.

Mosaic a plain table

Turn a plain pine table into a practical and beautiful feature piece using mosaic tiles.

Secondhand table gets a gorgeous mosaic top

Rather than restore an old secondhand table, try your hand at applying mosaic to a tabletop to create a gorgeous feature for your home. You can use mosaic tiles, crockery and glass painted with a glass stain to create almost any design you can imagine.


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Mosaic projects for the garden

Turn bits and pieces of broken china and tile into unique garden ornaments with these easy mosaic projects.

Mosaic lazy susan

A reader shows you how to transform a boring lazy susan into a table centrepiece.

Mosaic art

Cornelia Wiegmann - our Cape Town DIY Diva - shows you how to create custom artwork with mosaic.

Decorative table top

Mosaic a table top and create a fresh, bright display of lemons on an old table.

Floral mosaic frame

Craft your own mosaic artwork with ceramic tiles and a framed mirror. This simple mosaic
technique works on any item with a flat surface.

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