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Get crafty with mosaic

Uta Higgs, one of our readers, was given a Lazy Susan for her table and decided to dress it up with mosaic!


I was recently given a Lazy Susan - one of those dining table turntable gadgets - and didn’t like the look of it on my wooden table, being ‘wood on wood’. Some glue, mosaic pieces and grout later, I was much happier with the look!

You will need:

Item to mosaic
Mosaic pieces
Tile adhesive
Tile grout
Tile nipper
Tape measure
Clean cloths or sponges
Bucket of water
Rubber gloves
Safety goggles

Here's how:

1. Find something around the house to mosaic – a vase, plant pot, almost any solid surface will do.

2. Work out the approximate surface area (e.g. circumference of a pot x height) so that you know how much material you will need

3. Decide on the patterns and colours you want to use

4. Purchase the pre-nipped mosaic pieces, glue and grout at a hardware store. Pudlo are a big supplier, as are MosaicWorks, and most larger Mica stores also seem to stock. Alternatively, if you are feeling brave, don a pair of gloves and start breaking tiles. Tile nippers are useful for this too. And you have to wear goggles to avoid potential eye damage!

5. Ensure you have a smooth, clean surface to mosaic. (I painted mine with white wood primer first, since I was thinking of possibly using transparent tiles.)

6. Draw your design onto the surface in pencil

7.Glue the pieces onto the surface according to your design

8. Grout according to instructions on the grout packaging. Don’t worry if there is a little grout left on the actual mosaic pieces, you can wipe this off with a damp cloth after everything has dried properly.

Happy experimenting!


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