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Mosaic flower frame

Craft your own mosaic artwork with ceramic tiles and a framed mirror.


This simple mosaic technique works on any item with a flat surface. For a mirror, choose a base sturdy enough to bear the weight of the ceramic and grout.

You will need:

12mm Supawood
Ceramic plates, tiles, jewelry, or other items to use
in the mosaic design
Tile nipper
Alcolin Flexi Tile
White grout mix
Soft dry cloth



Here’s how:

1. Draw your basic design on the mirror frame. Use this basic sketch to get an idea of the pieces you will need.

2. Use a tile nipper to score and then cut ceramic plates and tiles to the shapes and size you need.

3. Arrange the cut pieces over your sketched design. Attach the pieces using a water-base adhesive. Let adhesive dry overnight.

4. Mix grout with water until creamy. Use a spatula to spread grout across the frame.

5. Remove excess grout with a damp sponge. After a few minutes, polish with a soft dry cloth to wipe off any remaining grout.


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