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Add Mosaic to a Side Table

See how easy it is to add a mosaic design to a side table, or any piece of furniture.


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Crafting with mosaic is a fun way to add colour, texture and pattern to a piece of furniture. In this feature, we show you how easy it is to use mosaic to freshen up a plain side table.

Since ancient times, mosaics have been used as a form of decoration. The Greeks used small, uncut pebbles to create pebble mosaic, also know as the tesserae technique. But using mosaic dates back even further than that, to Mesopotamia where mosaic patterns were used to decorate a variety of materials. During the time of the Roman empire, mosaics were used to decorate both floors and walls in residences and places of worship. It was during the reign of the Roman empire that other materials such as glass and pottery were used in decorating with mosaics.






Mosaic dates back at least 4000 years old and is still used today to decorate homes and decor accessories. In this feature we show you how easy it is to decorate a plain side table using mosaic, although you can use this method on almost any piece of furniture.



Piece of furniture to apply mosaic

120-grit sandpaper

Wood primer as base coat for your project

Mosaic tiles, or broken ceramics, glass or crockery

Alcolin mosaic and marble fix

Alcolin grout


Spatula or stirrer

Plastic applicator

Sponges and rags







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