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Why you Should Put Aluminium Foil in the Dishwasher

Who knew how many uses there are for aluminium foil other than for cooking and we offer some great home hacks that use aluminium foil like never before?






There are plenty of posts out there on social media that look at how you can use hundreds of different household items in ways that they were not originally intended for. Think baking powder and vinegar, lemon juice, dryer sheets, and so on. Aluminium foil is another household item that has more uses than you would imagine, so let's take a look at how aluminium foil can be used in a home for more than just cooking.


A roll of heavy duty aluminium (tin) foil costs anywhere from R40 and upwards depending on the width and length of the roll and there are so many uses for that single roll of aluminium foil.




1. Aluminium Foil in a Dishwasher

I have previously posted on how you can use aluminium foil to clean jewellery and the same can apply to cleaning stainless steel cutlery when used in a dishwasher. Using a process known as ion transfer that is a chemical reaction that takes place when tin foil and other element are combined, this chemical reaction with leave stainless steel cutlery shiny and spotless.



2. Aluminium Foil to Clean Jewellery

Another ingredient you couldn't do without in a kitchen is baking powder or bicarbonate of soda. When combined with tin foil and sea salt, it is easy to clean dirty jewellery, and in particular silver jewellery, and give it an easy shine with an old toothbrush. Now you can clean your jewellery when it needs it at no cost if you already have these three items in the home.



3. Clean Silver Accessories and Cutlery

Cleaning silver accessories and cutlery can be a mission if you do it all by hand. But all you need is a glass baking dish, some tin foil and sea salt to soak the silverware in and it will come out clean with only a little rubbing. Place the tin foil at the bottom of the baking dish, place sea salt and baking soda over the tin foil add then the silverware. Pour hot water over this and wait for the magic to happen. Buff dry with a soft cloth.



4. Heat Up Ironing with Tin Foil

Who wouldn't want to speed up their ironing? And now you can - easily and affordably using aluminium foil. Just as you use tin foil to cook foods or keep food warm, so can you use tin foil to conduct heat and speed up the ironing process. What you do have to be careful about is rubbing too hard and scratching the base of the iron.



5. Clean your Iron

I haven't tried this one personally but have heard from others that it does work. Scrunch up tin foil into a ball and rub this over the base of your iron to remove sticky debris. I would put the iron on a low setting to heat up the gunk and then use the tin foil.



6. Improve Laundry Days

I have mentioned before about placing a couple of tennis balls in a tumble dryer to prevent creasing. This idea does work but it can be overly noisy. A better solution is to make balls using tin foil - same effect with less noise.



7. Save on Steel Wool and Scourers

When you use steel wool or scourers to scrub your pots and pans or to clean your grill or braai, you know how quickly they go rusty. Prevent this by wrapping the steel wool or scourers in tin foil in-between uses.



8. Extra Va-Va-Voom for your Batteries

There can be nothing more frustrating than a torch going flat while you are using it, or the TV remote packing up when you're switching between sports channels. A quick and easy solution is to scrunch up some tin foil and it will provide a temporary solution until you can buy some new batteries. This trick is also useful if the battery holder is no longer a snug fit and batteries are a bit loose.





9. Using Tin Foil for Craft Projects

A single roll of tin foil can be used for all different types of craft projects, from using air-dry clay to make ornaments to using tin foil as an alternative to pewter to make decorative frames. If you are hiking or camping, you can even use tin foil to make a basic solar oven for slow cooking meals. Click on the link here for even more crafty ideas using tin foil.





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