Importance of mixing materials in powder form is often underestimated

Avoid mixing mistakes by simply using the correct stirrer, stirring rod and settings in accordance with material manufacturer specifications.



What paint is best for a bathroom?

When it's time to paint or give a bathroom a makeover, you want to make sure that you use the right paint products.



How to paint almost any surface

With proper preparation and the right paint products, you can paint almost any surface in and around the home.



Can I paint acrylic over oil-based enamel?

I am often asked if you can apply acrylic paint over oil-based enamel, and while the answer is no, there are ways to get around this.



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Paint tips that save your time and money

We could all use a few tips, tricks and techniques now and again, especially when it comes to painting. Homeowners spend more time painting a home than any other home improvement project, so being able to save time - and money - makes sense.


Preparing to paint my dining room

As the weather cools it's the perfect time for painting and decorating.



Take the time to prepare before you paint

While most painting projects begin with a trip to your local Prominent Paint or Decorating Centre to gather supplies, there's a lot more to bear in mind than paint and a paintbrush.



Prepare wood for painting or sealing

There are those that prefer to stain and seal window frames, and those that would like to paint wooden window frames. Both provide a good seal on wood - provided it's done properly.



Why does paint blister or peel

There are many reason why paint failure can occur, but moisture is a common cause of peeling or blistering paint on both interior and exterior walls. If you notice blistering or peeling paint on walls you need to address this problem before preparation and painting.


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Prepare surfaces before painting

Before you start any painting project you will need to inspect the surfaces to determine what types of finishes or products have been previously used to help you select the correct primer, sealer, base or topcoat required.


Tips for smooth doors

If you're still painting interior doors with a paintbrush, chances are you are left with a surface that isn't very smooth. No matter how hard you try you will always have brush strokes on the finish. There is a way to achieve a perfect finish:


How to apply roof paint

A cement tile roof is an affordable and attractive way to top off a house. This type of roof looks good for up to 10 years but the colour does tend to fade over time.



How to paint concrete and cement paving

Despite its many wonderful attributes, concrete or cement products can be downright boring. Whether we are talking about a concrete verandah, a pathway or a driveway, there is something lacking in inspiration about the flat, dull look of grey concrete.


How to apply epoxy paint?

Epoxy paint is a two-part paint product that was originally designed for industrial flooring application. Now available for residential use, epoxy paints provide a tough, durable protective coating that makes them easy to maintain.


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