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A reading corner for children

As they grow, young children need to experience, and you'll want to encourage a love for reading from an early age. A cosy corner set aside as a reading nook is a place where young children can sit and enjoy books.


Stackable crates, either bought ready made or make your own, allow you to stack up a storage unit that can be used for books and small toys. Arrange the crates so as to be within easy reach for your toddler, and put down a rug or pouf to make it a comfortable place to sit and read.

Plastic gutters can easily serve as quick and easy shelving for a reading nook or corner. Mount securely onto a wall and fill with a collection of your child's favourite reads.

Acrylic or plexiglass storage boxes secured onto the wall with double-sided table make a pretty display for a child's bedroom. Arrange books according to age, so that books for reading now are at the bottom and can be easily rotated as your child grows.

Making your own book ledges is an easy way to set up a reading corner or wall. You'll find instructions here to make book ledges, and all the materials and supplies can be found at your local Builders or hardware store.


Use pine or plywood to make stackable storage boxes for toys and books. The nice thing about storage boxes is that they can easily be moved around and re-purposed as your child gets older.

For toddlers, an activity wall that incorporates a reading corner will provide hours of activity. Make sure that everything is securely mounted onto the wall. A paper towel holder makes a wonderful art station.

For the older child, these storage cubbies offer plenty of storage for lots of small toys, as well as book ledges for a reading corner. Find instructions here to make the storage cubbies.

Encourage your child to read and to love books by creating a wonderful reading corner where they will love spending time. There are so many ways to dress up a reading corner - try making this teepee in patterned or colourful fabrics for a hideaway place to snuggle with a book.


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