Bedroom Storage Wall for Kids

Make your own storage cubbies for essential storage in a child's bedroom or playroom.



These storage cubbies are so easy to make - and you don't need any fancy tools to make them. Have all your board cut to size at your local Builders to make assembly quick and simple.



To make [1] cubby:

2 of 500 x 500mm 12mm SupaWood - front / back

2 of 476 x 500mm 12mm SupaWood - sides

1 of 476 x 476mm 12mm SupaWood - base

4 of 50 x 50mm 12mm SupaWood - feet

Wood glue


Hammer and 25mm panel pins

Wood filler

Paint to finish











It's so easy to make the cubbies. Glue all the sections to the base. - the sides fit between the front and back. Clamp glued boxes overnight for secure joining. If you wish you can also add a few panel pins to hold the sections together, and cover the nail holes with wood filler, leaving this to dry and the sanding smooth before painting the boxes.

The boxes for mounting on the wall don't have a base, and you can use steel brackets or add a cleat to the back of the boxes to secure onto the wall.


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